About Alexi Bracey

Passionate about good health long before she was ever confronted with her own health challenge, Alexi walks her talk!

As Louis Pasteur affirmed,” It’s all in the terrain!”

Alexi’s determination, motivation and strong belief system made it possible for her to become cancer-free by changing her eating habits and lifestyle. Among many natural healing modalities adopted, changes included an organic and alkaline diet, juicing, a rainbow selection of raw veggies,  affirmations and visualizations and a CHI machine.

Already a trained chef, Alexi’s quest for healthy living resulted in further studies in, Natural Nutrition, Living and Raw Food and Detox Diets.

Alexi was the Executive Chef at Grail Springs Wellness Spa (Canada’s only environmental Detox Spa). Alexi successfully introduced an Organic Living and Raw Food diet to complement the Detox programs

to the SPA clients. Clients still rave about the food and were appreciative of the healthy lifestyles inspired through Alexi’s seminars and cooking classes.

Here’s what some Clients have said:

Alexi will brighten up your day as she has mine and everyone she meets. No one, I have ever met has a better command of her topic and Alexi’s passion for her work is unsurpassed.
B.I.  Portland, Oregon

Alexi’s skills, training and experience combine into a package, not only is interesting and informative. You can’t help but be inspired to consider changes to your lifestyle with her help.
H.T Ottawa, Ontario

I did not know what to expect, but your meals and health information left me in awe.
S.F. Bermuda

Alexi also holds accreditation in Coaching, Public Speaking and other healing modalities. She has appeared on television and radio programs, she has contributed articles to health magazines. Alexi has authored a book, “Detox Is An Inside Job, A Step by Step Guide for a Complete, Non-Invasive Body Detox.”

Alexi’s focus is on education with Coaching, Cooking Classes and Mentoring, with a strong emphasis on a Raw Food Lifestyle.

Mastering Raw Food Essentials

(90 Days To Living a Raw Food Lifestyle) is one of her signature programs.