Is Your Home Sick?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Did you know that our homes today are more air tight than ever before thus making the indoor air quality more toxic than the out doors. We are bombarded by off gasses from new furniture, new flooring, new paint, Wifi, plastics, PCOC’s, flouride in our water, dry cleaning, scented candles, air fresheners and home cleaning products as Lysol, Javex or Mr.Clean. What is one to do? Become an educated consumer, learn to read labels and ID the good guys from the bad, minimize and eliminate the toxins that you can and use safe alternatives or you can attend my free webinar “Is Your House Sick?” Tuesday, February 21 at 8 PM

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JJVirgin has released a movie about The Power of Hope and a Miracle Mindset in the tragic story of her sons hit and run accident. I urge you to watch this beautiful, inspiring free viewing until Feb 17.

I will be hosting:

Recipe for Health Retreat  April 30-May 5, 2017

What if in 5 days you could:
  • sleep better
  •  improve digestion
  •  eliminate bloating
  • loose some weight
  • learn what body systems need improving
  • have more energy
Includes personal assessment with a Health Professional, cooking classes and recipes that promote healthy eating habits, detoxifying baths and other detox related modalities, instructions on stress management, suggestions to eliminate home toxins.Lots of sharing, learning and  laughter.
This is 5 days on-sight intimate retreat in a lovely  country setting near Caledon, Ontario limited to 8 attendees. More information to follow shortly.
Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!
Alexi Bracey


Gluten Free May Not Be That Healthy, But We Need Gluten

Hello Fellow Health Seekers!

Gluten-free seems to be the latest rage! But by demoralizing gluten, we have added more “franken” foods to our list of highly sugary processed foods. Gluten free cookies and cupcakes, are still cookies and cupcakes. Often these processed gluten free snacks have more sugar added or the gluten free flours added spike the sugar even more. Many gluten free breads have lots of added corn starch (a filler and GMO product)
Processed oils are added as canola and soy (both GMO),safflower or sunflower that increase inflammation. We see examples of food marketing at its finest: Gluten free Jello or Gluten Free Cheesies

And now, turning the page to gluten!

The latest research suggests that we do need whole grains that contain gluten and yes many believe gluten is to blame (especially the glyphosate sprayed wheat), but our global inability to digest hard-to-digest foods, which is a result of a diet of processed foods, pesticides and environmental pollutants is the real culprit.

There’s good science that shows that these processed foods, not whole grains, have literally broken down our digestive system, particularly the microbes and the enzymes that help us break down wheat.

So how do you restore your digestive function? Avoid pesticides such as Roundup, which has become a staple food contaminant over the past two decades.(Eat organic) Glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup — causes leaky gut syndrome. Genetically engineered (GE) foods are notorious for having higher amounts of glyphosate contamination, due to the crops being glyphosate resistant.

Studies have shown that when your body cannot break down the wheat, it goes undigested from your stomach into the small intestine. As a result of being undigested — due to weak stomach acid (as we get older, our Hcl stores decrease) and lack of bile to buffer those acids — the proteins enter into the collecting ducts of your lymphatic system, which lines your entire intestinal tract, and the lymphatics is the main detoxification system in your body.When the lymph around the intestinal tract gets congested, your intestinal tract will swell, making you feel bloated.

So, detox and eat foods that support a healthy liver, gall bladder and digestive tract. Once your gut is healed, you can introduce gluten whole foods into your diet. (Organic of course).

To learn how to improve liver, gall bladder and digestive tract health, please attend my webinar “Lifestyle Habits That Heal” on Wednesday, February 1st at 8 PM EST. To register, please go to:

Good health s a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

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Liquid Lunch with Alexi Bracey

Raw food chef Alexi Bracey brings some of her delicious food to the ThatChannel studios and discusses about the values of food and healthy living.

First, Do “No” Harm

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

One of the oldest binding documents in history, the Hippocrates Oath written by Hippocrates is still held sacred by physicians (or is it?): to treat the ill to the best of one’s ability, to preserve a patient’s privacy, to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation…in essence…DO NO HARM!

When you break a bone, have a gall bladder attack or pneumonia, your allopathic doctor  is needed to reset the broken bone, treat the gall bladder attack  and alleviate pain and prescribe the necessary meds to fight the pneumonia.

Many doctors are prescribing meds like candy, performing senseless c-sections, pushing chemo and radiation when safer alternatives are available. We have given our power to individuals we have come to deem as “god”

Are they really  first, doing “NO HARM?”

….Should be Non-Negotiable especially if you are sick.

Objective Vs Perfect

Is living perfect necessary? No.

Does anyone live perfectly? No.

Do I live perfectly? No.

Is being objective necessary for sound decision making? YES!

– Do ALL pharmaceuticals cause harm? Yes, no exceptions.

– Is Radiation, Chemo, Surgery harmful? Yes, without exceptions.It is what  will kill you, not the cancer.

– Are tests that are “bad for pregnant women” also bad for everyone else? Undeniably. Check out the harmful effects of Ultrasounds and MRI’s

– Anti-Biotics = Anti-Life pills  yes  they are also harmful and must be avoided. They rob the body of the immune fighting friendly bacteria found in your gut

– Is there such thing as a “Special Drug” recommended by a “Special Dr. in Special Coat with a Special Title” that is harmful to healthy people but magically good for sick people in ANY circumstance? NO! Big Pharma is Big Business

– Are certain foods no matter how “common or normal” still causing harm? Objectively yes. We are not one size fits all, one diet may work for you, but not for me. Pay attention to your body, it will tell you.

In 1971 , the Fetzer”Report came to rule Medical School  protocol as outlined by the Rothchilds, the emphasis   was and still is on pharmaceuticals first and foremost. Todays MD’s have little to no nutritional training, know nothing about alternative or integrative modalities let alone getting to the root cause because bandaids fits all.

Do not be coerced into making decision about your health before doing your own research as to the contra effects of the procedure or meds. Take responsibility for your health. It’s the only one you have.

Good Health is a Choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey


How Strong Is Your Health Foundation?

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

When you build a house, you lay a foundation upon which the frame of the house sits to hold up and hold  together the structure of the house.

When you plant a seedling or tree, you secure the roots deep into the soil for stability so the roots may expand, grow deeper and withstand wind or microbes that would prevent it in  yielding its fruit.

If you have a strong health foundation, you have the strength (immune system), emotional balance and secure environment to fight and overcome any health challenge that may come your way. How solid is your health foundation? Is it the same old, same old  as it has been for years or are you proactive in improving and maintaining  good health?

Just as successful people set financial, career or personal goals, what are your health goals? What are you doing daily to add to your health capital?

You most valuable asset is your health? Your daily or  weekly goals or lack of will have  a long term effect down the road: be it arthritis, depression, diabetes, cancer, leaky gut, thyroid issues etc.

Please join me on Tuesday, January 10th at 8 PM EST as I offer strategies and ways to  change your current habits  that will lead to new empowering behavors.

What if you could wake up every morning refreshed? what if you didn’t have to suffer from digestive issues and be comfortable going out for dinner with friends? what if you could eliminate joint pain and walk up the stairs with ease? what if you could come home from work stress-free? what if you could ward off cancer (even if it has been in the family for generations), what if your favourite phrase was no longer “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired?” What would that be worth to you? How would that change your life?  Your relationships with family and friends? Your outlook on life?

How committed are you:”Achieve Any Health Goal You Set?”

To register:

See you on the 10th of January.

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

What Is A Healing Diet?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Health “experts” are always touting their “best diet” to loose weight, the best kept secrets to eliminate fatigue, the 5 Foods to age gracefully, the 5 Foods to alleviate arthritis pain on and on.

While some of their suggestions may have beneficial results for some, we are not “one size fits all” Barbie dolls. We all have our own one of a kind set of genes, pre dispositions to certain health conditions, individualized  bioflora just as unique as our fingerprints. The same diet will not produce the same results, nor  remove the underlying health concern for everyone ; be it the Paleo diet, Raw food diet, low glycemic diet, GAPS diet, Ketogenic diet, or Body Ecology Diet.

Generally speaking a Healing Diet  will benefit everyone to some degree depending upon your condition. A Healing Diet removes offending foods and substances as artificial additives, gluten, casein, soy, corn, phenols, oxalates and starches and replenishes with whole unprocessed foods, organic and locally grown, fermented foods, good fats, sprouts, quality water, juicing, and supplements.

I will be addressing a Healing Diet, the importance of s BioIndividual Diet plus much more valuable information on my upcoming  free Webinar on January 10th at 8 PM EST, To register:

Please watch the short video  below to understand why you may be a “dairy addict”

Hope to “see” you on the 10th

Good Health Is a Choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey




Are You Suffering From The Boiled Frog Syndrome?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Are you guilty of learning to live with your arthritis?digestive disorders? lack of energy? gluten intolerance? sleepless nights? high blood pressure? being sick and tired of being sick and tired? roll around your middle? If you do, “You are suffering from the boiled frog syndrome?”

Please watch to 1 minute video below and sign-up for my webinar On January 10th at 8 PM on “How To Achieve Any Health Goal?”
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Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey



Are you Committed or Interested in Achieving Your Health Goals?

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

At the beginning of each new year, most individuals feel a strong sense of optimism, a sense of new beginnings, a feeling that new things are possible. I hope that you are feeling that way.

We set goals and new visions for ourselves and our loved ones. Whether a health,  career, financial or relationship goal, the foundation is the same.

Set a goal, put it to paper, have strategies and tactics in place AND you  must change Habits and Behaviours for your new goal.

But that is not enough! You must truly be committed to this new goal, not just interested (interested will not yield results).You will find excuses (not enough time,I’ll start next week, next month, when I feel better, on and on)

My sincerest goal for you is to inspire you and teach you how to become more informed,  and more empowered to make healthier choices so you can achieve your health goal. Please watch the video below for a brief synopsis of the above. I will be hosting a webinar on January 10th at 8 PM EST to expand on “How To Achieve Any Health Goal”. Registration and link will follow in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned.

Goethe said:”If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

As always, good health is a choice, so choose wisely!



The Modern Plague

Hello Fellow Health Seekers;

Serious matters first:

Insulin resistance has been linked to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol to name a few but not by Allopathic doctors. Insulin resistance goes undiagnosed as the culprit for the above mentioned health concerns and is not part of the routine blood screening tests.

It is todays MODERN PLAGUE!

Sugar si the cocaine of the 21st centruy. Testing with mice showed that fed cocaine over a period of time to make them addicticted to it; when given sugar, it was their preferred substance of choice over cocaine!

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo has studied insulin resistance and diabetes for over 25 years. She lost several family memebers because of undiagnosed insulin resistance or not connecting the illness with it. She recently hosted an excellent webinar. I highly recommend that at the very least, you watch  the first hour, especially if you or a family member  are suffering from any of  the above mentioned health challenges.

On a related note, it has been researched and individuals who have uncontrollable eating urges/binges or don’t have the will power to loose weight or give up sugar, here is a quiz to determine your food sensitivity score, (once more insulin related.) Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson who has done extensive research in this field is also in the webinar at about the 70 minute mark. Very interesting information indeed.

Another excellent link for this silent killer:

On a lighter note:

Individuals function differently and more effectively at different times depending on their circadian cycle in a sense; some better in the AM, some better at night. This is a fun quiz to determine which animal/mammal you most resonate with:

On a yummy note:

They say “It is not the gift, but the though that went into it” May I suggest delicious, tasty treats and snacks that happen to be dairy/gluten/sugar free…could say they are healing.I have them available for purchase in the GTA and surrounding areas, with samples available. I can meet you at your favourite Tea Bar or we can do a “drug” exchange at your favourite shopping mall parking lot. LOL. For a description and photos, please visit my stovelesscuisine page on FaceBook. And of course”Like” it.

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!


Confused About the Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free trend?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

There is much to learn and take into consideration about the gluten/dairy and sugar “frenzy”. Our wheat products are contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate, a key ingredient of Round-Up, to say nothing of the  fact that gluten  intolerances has become a major health concern causing causing leaky gut, autoimmune disease and linked to many other disorders.

An excellent article by Dr. Mercola:

Some foods that contain glyphosates include:

1) California wines

2) Bovine Growth Hormone (dairy products from the US)

3) Aspartame (Nutra Sweet, Equal) Best ant killer on the planet!

4) GMO (Genetically Modified Crops) you can get more info at

5) Roundup Ready for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, canola and cotton

If you are familiar with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, he has authored best seller the Auto-Immune Fix, I highly recommend his book and especially his excellent “Betrayal” Edu-Docu series which  has been featured online several times. He also hosted the Gluten Summit, also very informative.

Gluten intolerance is a serious problem that doesn’t go away by eliminating wheat for 3 or 6 months….no gluten forever! Amen, end of story! In Europe, there is no Monsanto, so little if any gluten problems.

Dairy, another misleading sales gimmick with the milk moustache that drinking milk will make your bones strong and increase your calcium levels.

Why do women in China not get breast cancer?

Another great resource is “The China Study” by T.Colin Campbell

It is all related to dairy. Cows milk is an acid (except goats milk). When you drink milk (or eat yogurt or cheese) your body has to neutralize the acidity of the milk in order for it to be digested. So it draws minerals from the bones to neutralize that acidity. What does it leech? Calcium. So really, drinking milk causes osteoporosis.  Substitute almond or coconut kefir for yogurt. (Make your own). Non dairy cheese (more on that later)

Sugar is the cocaine of the 21st century. We are addicted to sugar: we need it in in our coffee, breakfast cereals,  bagels, muffins, snacks, canned soups, soda pops and fruit juices to name a few.

Cancer thrives in a  sugar environment., as does Candida (overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria in your gut) What do they give you after chemo or radiation. cookies and milk? What do they serve at Government subsidized Breast Cancer Support Groups, something sweet. Dah!!!!!

An excellent documentary on sugar:

To help you with menu planning for your family and friends who have gluten/dairy/sugar allergies, or intolerances, please join me for my “Confused about Dairy/Gluten/Sugar free Food Prep Class.

Thursday, December 8th, 6-9 PM in Burlington at a private home or

Sunday, December 11, noon-3 PM at Abundance, a Gluten Free and Allergy Store in Ajax.

Menu includes:

Red Beet Hummus

Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheese Tart

Sweet and Spicy Mustard Cheese Sticks

Smoked Gouda

Assorted Non Gluten Breads and Crackers 

Pomogranate Lemon Cheesecake

Registration is through Eventbrite.



Please share with family, friends and co-workers. You could save or improve someones life!

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!