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Juice Feasting

by David Rainochek

Juice feasting is drinking more juice than you are used to; it is about self empowerment and abundance. Address toxemia and deficiency. We are exposed to 64,000 toxins daily. Either juice your veggies/fruit or put it through a blender, and put it thru a cheese cloth. Drink the liquid and discard pulp. Also, add blue/green algae, bee pollen (anti-radiation food), and enzymes. You may do simultaneously cleanses (live/parasite, kidney, colon)

Drink 48-64 oz of juice. In regular fasting, other organs slow down, you may experience headaches, nausea. In JF, the body is provided with all the nutrition it needs. You feed 12-15lbs of fruit/veggies daily that are juiced. It keeps your metabolism high.

Juice feasting is not for children (do not to be in a physiology of cleansing). People suffering from arthritis, early cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, back problems, overweight, chronic pain will benefit from JF. JF is enzyme rich and full of phytonutrients, and abundant nutrients.

7 Stages of Disease:

Enervation-body is not eliminating toxins well

Toxemia-from environment or in your body





Thickened Tissue


If you want the same reality that everyone experiences, keep on doing what everyone is doing.

Caso morpines are found in cheese. When you cook a food your render it nutrient depleted.

Cleansing effect of JF is enormous. We are so very toxic in our everyday environment. More chemicals are being re-called to be re-tested. Tooth paste with chlorine water forms chlorine gas.

In JF, you are cleaning the intestinal track (liquid plumber) toxins off the walls of your small intestine. Every cell in your body starts releasing toxins.

You can drink Master Cleanse of a JF. Euphoria is experienced at 21 days.

Undigested putrefied foods are being released that have been there for many years. Pot bellies are not just fat. There are toxins in your colon and in all of your cells. Ulcers, pain, toxemia are all protective mechanisms.

You may opt to drink 1 quart of vegetable juice daily. Mg 17x’s more prevalent in the heart than any other tissue. It is the centre of chlorophyll molecule.  Plant sterols are very beneficial, especially for the heart. Plant sterols are blocked when you consume animal protein at the same meal.

Cleanse, rebuild, rehydrate and alkalize.

If you eat meat or dairy while on JF, you are activating leucocytosis, and auto-immune response.

On JF, we hydrate body, breakdown scar tissue. MSM (the Miracle of MSM) Sulphur 3rd most prevalent compound in the body. Add to your water, Vit C and MSM and drink upon rising.


Benefit on JF, taking in all calories, phytonutrients, proteins, carbohydrates enzymes, minerals. You’re body is taking in an abundance of nutrition. Greens are the most beneficial (kale, spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens) vary the greens.

It is recommended to drink a green drink first think in the AM. To make these green juices more palatable, add fruit as Japanese pear, mango, apple or pineapple or carrot or beet. Blue coloured barriers are also beneficial as they contain anti-oxidants. You may wish to add some Himalayan salt to the Juice. It is great for adrenal health. (Celtic or Himalayan only, table salt is toxic)

Craving for fat will also go down once you continue JF. Top 6 phytonutrient rich foods are leafy greens. Juice greens without fiber, so your body has instant absorbability to these phytonutrients.

Effects of rebuilding- the best aspect is regarding joint pain. It subsides and goes away. A lot of healing happens in the first 30 days, mostly cleansing and some rebuilding. 30-60 days are better balanced between cleansing and rebuilding. 60-92 days is mostly rebuilding. You drink more juice as your metabolism increases in days 60-92. This is a good time for weight training. You are switched on in every level. Rebuilding senses on nervous system sleep less, more deeply, dream more, creative abilities go up and memory improves.

Sleep benefits-35-40% of adults have sleep challenges. Adaptogenic effect on sleep with JF, your body will adapt to your sleep needs whether more or less.

Muscles get replaced every 6 months to 3 yrs; pancreas is replaced every 5-12 months. New cells are replaced. Liver is replaced every three months. Bones are replaced every 8 months to 4 yrs. RBC are replaced every 90-120 days. Intestinal lining is replaced every 5-30 days. You can build your intestinal wall using juices.


“You are not what you are; rather what you are is what you can be. The most interesting thing about life is that you can become more than you were before. You can become stronger, healthier and wiser than you ever dreamed possible. You can achieve your true potential. You can completely reform your physical structure, your intelligence, your emotional poise, your spiritual power. This is about how to biologically transmute the lead of life into the white gold of glory.”                                                             David Wolfe (Sunfood Nutrition)

Your body is not a fixed object; you are exchanging molecules with the atmosphere. You are intimately connected with the food, the air, the environment around you. Your body is constantly regenerating. You are what you eat, you are what you consume. That is why people reverse the appearance of aging on a JF lifestyle. Skin looks better, the organs are better on the inside as well.

Herrings Law of Cure-We heal from the top down, the inside out, and in the reverse order we took on our health challenges. We see it in the face first, your become radiant and glowing. Challenges that started a week ago will clear up quickly and challenges that have been around for years will take longer to clear up.


Most people are dehydrated. When we are born, we are 90% water, when we die we are 50-60% water. When we are dehydrated we become constipated and agitated. Your stomach may hurt. When you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. This dehydration gets fixed within 7-14 days on a Juice Feast. Stomach problems, as in acid reflux is a result of dehydration.

The brain is 90% water. If you do not have enough water in your system, your brain is not going to function. Water is a solvent that carries nutrients to your cells and carries waste products out of your cells. Water is the transportation medium of everything that you need in your body. Once you become dehydrated, you loose your sense of thirst.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, 37% of Americans have their dehydration mechanism turned off so they think they are hungry when they really need water.

Rehydrating eliminates back pain, creaky joints because you are lubricating the joints with water.

Mitral valve prolapse, a misshapen heart causes the valve not to pump correctly because the shape is physically wrong. This is usually a B vitamin deficiency. The heart muscle goes back to its normal, healthy posture. The valve works and the heart pumps normally. Many physical defects are usually nutritional deficiencies.

When you do a good thing, it has multiple positive effects.


Hydrogen hydrates, so add a lemon to your morning water. On JF, 2-3 qts of structured water, 1 QT AM, 2 qts during the day If you are urinating once an hour, you are well hydrated. You will be urinating 2-3x’s during the night.

We need to be in an alkaline state, our environment is predominantly acid. Bones are alkaline but flesh that surrounds them is acid. Stomach acid is acid, lining of stomach is alkaline. The acid in the stomach is needed to break down proteins. Bile that goes through the live is alkaline; if it is acid you will have gall stones.

The American Diet is too acidic, too processed. When you are too acidic, many negative things start to happen in the body. When you are acidic, calcium is drawn out of your bones, it is a demineralization process. We have much osteoporosis in our society. Dairy and pop are the main culprits. Pop has phosphoric acid. Body goes to storehouse of minerals and pulls calcium out of your bones. Meat, dairy, soy, processed sugar, caffeine are all very acid forming. Stress and not sleeping enough also has an acidic effect on the body.

Homogenized milk fads causes sinusitis, auto immune and heart disease and constipation.  It grows 3% per year. Hydrogenated soy is found in milk substitutes for coffee.

Citrus is acid but the effect on the body is alkaline because of the mineral content.

The most alkalizing food in JF is organic sodium found in celery. You have a bank account of sodium that is stored in your bile. If you have an acid forming lifestyle, you will start to withdraw on that bank account. This will drop the ph of your bile. Acid reflux is not too much acid in the stomach. There is not enough acid. Food mixes with stomach acid and enzymes called chime.

This chime goes down into your small intestine. The environment in the small intestine has to alkaline because there are probiotics down there and 90% of the nutrition that you get out of your food comes through the wall of the small intestine. That food that goes through your intestines, goes to your blood stream to nourish your body. It must be alkaline. It comes from your intestines in a very acid state. So something happens in the intestines before it permeates the wall of the intestine. So if you constantly eat acid foods, over time your bile ph will drop. When that happens, it puts a burden on the liver, makes it sluggish and you create gall stones in the gall bladder. The calcified stones are created here. If too much organic sodium is pulled from the bile, the next resource is the lining of your stomach. Your stomach lining is strong with organic sodium to keep the stomach acid from burning away at the lining. So the stomach gets irritated and inflamed, which may results in an ulcer.(3,4,5th stages of disease) Then HCl production is shut down, so as not to destroy the stomach completely. The enzymes that breakdown the protein that you eat are not turned on any more and you do not digest your protein. Now your food goes down to the small intestines, there is not enough organic sodium to alkalize the food, so mucus is secreted. To line the intestinal wall. You are no longer able to absorb the nutrition form your food. You end up starving to death while you are eating and you are constipated and malnourished.

With organic sodium deficiency you may experience gall stones, liver disease, ulcers, poor digestion, poor protein assimilation and constipation.

When you are constipated, that waste builds up on your intestinal wall, it putrefies which makes you depressed, agitated, sluggish. This is hard on your immune system because you have toxins that are being released throughout your body. You feel you need more food to ward other the lethargy. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. By JF, you replace the organic sodium, you hydrate and help break off the debris in the colon and move it out. The wall then becomes permeable in the small intestine and you can absorb the nutrition form your food again. Your assimilation could go up 90%.

Breakstone Tea-Chanca Piedra, breaks up kidney, liver and gallstones.
Coffee enemas will open up bile cuts in the liver and help flush out.                                                                        Cornsilk tea with Chanca Piedra does the same thing.

You need to address cleanse, rehydrate, rebuild and alkalize in any cleansing program. JF does all that.

The blood must maintain a very precise ph 7.35-7.45. This is fine tuned for human biology. Breathing as alkalizing (diabetics hyperventilate to eliminate the acid from their system) Excessive urine secretion is also the bodies way to eliminate the excess acid in the body.

Juice from fruits are alkalizing. Cooked fruits change the sugars and the fruit is then acidic. Glycemic Index varies with cooked and uncooked food. Raw starch when given to individuals, the blood sugar went up a couple or points, when cooked starch was given the blood sugar went up 51 points. If you drink pasteurized juice on a JF, you will feel the difference because of the blood sugar.

There are thousands of phytonutrients in RAW Juices. 70% of phytonutrients are destroyed when the food is cooked. On a Heroes Journey (Joseph Campbell) you leave conventional society and go on your own journey.

“For it is dangerous to attach oneself to the crowd out front and so long as each one of us is more willing to trust another than to judge for himself, we never show any judgment in the matter of living; but lays a blind trust and a state that has been passed on from hand to hand and finally involves us and works our destruction. It is the example of other people that is out undoing. Let us merely separate ourselves from the crowd and we shall be made whole.”

Don’t let society determine your health future.

How Toxic Are You


  1. Do you suffer from unexplained rashes, allergies or unexplained weight gain?                                                                                                    Y/N
  2. Do you take birth control pills, prescription drugs including antibiotics and steroids?                                                                                                      Y/N
  3. Do you frequent hair salons, color your hair, use nail polish or have acrylic finger nails?                                                                                                        Y/N
  4. Do you sleep on no iron bedding, use dry cleaners or wear synthetic garments?                                                                                                Y/N
  5. Do you use a cell phone, computer, DVD player, blow dryer, microwave oven or vacuum cleaner?                                                                            Y/N
  6. Do you use products (or similar) to Bounce, Tide, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Javex, Aussie Shampoo, Noxzema, Neutrogena, Crest Toothpaste of Johnson’s Baby Powder?                                                                                             Y/N
  7. Do you spend most of your day time indoors, in an office environment or with fluorescent lighting and little fresh air?                                             Y/N
  8. Do you drink bottled water or bathe in city treated water?                  Y/N
  9. Have you recently purchased a new car, new furniture, and new rugs or had your home or apartment painted?                                                       Y/N
  10. Do you eat restaurant food regularly, processed foods, frozen meals or snack on chips, ice cream and soda pop?                                           Y/N

11. Do you have 1or less bowel movement s daily?                                  Y/N

12. Do you consume sugar products, diet pop or snack at night?        Y/N

13. Do you use pesticides on your lawn or re-surface your asphalt driveway ?                                                                                                                      Y/N

14. Do you have silver amalgams or have you been vaccinated?          Y/N

15. Do you use plastic containers or saran wrap?                                   Y/N

16. Do you consume any soy, corn or canola products?                        Y/N

17. Do you eat non-organic food?                                                             Y/N

18. Do you eat fish?                                                                                     Y/N

19. Do you smoke?                                                                                      Y/N

20. Do you have a chronic cough or constant clearing of your throat?     Y/N


16-20  N-you are 10% of the population, congratulations! Go on a

Detox program regularly

11-15  N-it would be beneficial to make some small changes to your

lifestyle, go on a Detox twice a year

5-10      N- start your Detox program as soon as possible

1-4      N-start your Detox program tomorrow