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Liquid Lunch with Alexi Bracey

Raw food chef Alexi Bracey brings some of her delicious food to the ThatChannel studios and discusses about the values of food and healthy living.

Health Videos for the Weekend!

Hello Health Seekers:

For your weekend viewing pleasure, may I suggest:

1)    What would you sacrifice to recover your health, to even potentially save your life?

In a provocative new feature documentary, THE SACRED SCIENCE, eight brave souls afflicted with illnesses (Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer, diabetes and more) leave everything behind in search of deeper answers to heal themselves in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Five will return with real results, two will return disappointed, and one won’t come back at all. Click on the link to view:

2)   Gary Null on the FDA

3)   “60 Minutes” on Sugar with Dr, Sanja Gupta

4)   Looking for comfort food, come out to: The Art of Dehydrating Class this Wednesday, Feb 27, 6-9 PM in Toronto, there are still a few spots available.

Easy to prepare, takes little storage space and easy to take while travelling; dehydrated foods add a healthy variety to your everyday diet.  It is considered living food as the enzymes are still present. From buckwheat pizza, kale chips, veggie burgers with onion bread, wraps and cashew crepes with berry filling; it is all raw food. Come spend an evening learning and sampling tasty dehydrated food. All classes are $80, prepaid via Pay Pal.

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey