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Biological Therapeutics Cell Therapy Rejuvenate™

With Fulvic Acid is the only complete mineral, oxygen and nutritional supplement on the market today. Formulated as a micro-nutrient supplement, Rejuvenate™ offers an unequaled nutrient delivery system that provides 100% optimal nutrient absorption to the cells.

C$40 / 1oz

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Vita Biosa-1000 ml

Vita Biosa

What is a healthy alternative that delivers a viable probiotic? Vita Biosa. It is a triple fermented beverage with a natural pH similar to that of your stomach and intestines containing 10 complimentary probiotic strains (both active aerobic and anaerobic cultures, with a broad spectrum of species including Lactobacillus and Bifidobactrium) that all work harmoniously. With each of the 2 tablespoons of Vita Biosa you get over 6 billion bioavailable CFU (colony forming units). For best health, it is recommend you take 6-10 billion CFU daily. Depending on your health challenge, the CFU numbers may need to be increased.

C$125 for 2 bottles / C$240 for 4 bottles (1000mL per bottle)



Magnesium Oil

“Fountain of Youth in a Bottle” is critical for your cellular health, your nervous system, regenerating & maintaining living tissue, a nutrient essential for virtually every reaction in the body.

C$22 / 20oz

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Chi Machine

The precise vibrating action gives a full body massage including internal organs and all body systems, alkalizing and oxygenating the body. It is Health Canada and the FDA approved as a Class II Medical device.


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Hot House

A portable FIR (8-10 micron far infrared) topical warming unit that produces a warm and comfortable feeling; gently elevating the body’s surface temperature and helping the capillaries expand and stimulate blood circulation.


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Organic Sprout Grower

Grows edible organic sprouts in 24 hrs. NEVER gets poison bacteria or mold. Built out of very thin strong material. Cannot be torn.

C$45 for 1 Grower / C$65 for 2 Growers



Mung Beans

You can watch mung beans grow in 24 hours and be ready to eat! Use with your Organic Sprout Grower.

C$45 / 4lb bag

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Detox is an Inside Job

Detox is an Inside Job

A Comprehensive Guide to a Non-Invasive, Raw Detox (ebook only)

No matter what age, we need to detoxify to get rid of the “sludge” that is building up in our organs of elimination making some everyday chores a real struggle or causing poor digestion and bloating, restless sleep, weight gain or just being sick and tired of being sick and tired?


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