Detox Is An Inside Job – Six Module Program

In this 6 Module Detox Program, you will gain a better understanding of the symptoms, importance and how to undertake a detox at home with confidence and ease.

The water we drink, the air that we breathe and the foods that we eat all contribute to our toxic load. This toxic load is all cumulative until one day your body reaches its saturation level and those symptoms you ignored are now screaming to be acknowledged and dealt with.

No matter what age, we need to detoxify to get rid of the “sludge” that is building up in our organs of elimination making some everyday chores a real struggle or causing poor digestion and bloating, restless sleep, weight gain or just being sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Module 1

How To Detoxify The Internal Organs of Elimination
All body systems are designed to work in harmony. If one organ is compromised, it slows down all body systems. The best cleanses, colonics, detox baths, dry brushing and saunas will be addressed.

Module 2

Cleansing and Healing Foods
Green juices, green smoothies, fermented foods, kefir, sauerkraut and sea vegetables should all be part ones daily health living protocol. Benefits, how to, why and recipes will be shared.

Module 3

Your Bodies Cry For Water

City waters are polluted with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and fluoride. Well water is contaminated with heavy metals (as is city water) With so many water filtration systems on the market, which is the healthiest and delivers on its promise? Endorsed by Hippocrates Wellness Centre, you will learn that this system is a must to add to your home’s healthy water for drinking and bathing.

Module 4

How To Create a Safe and Toxin Free Home Environment?
Items discussed are those that add to one’s toxic load including: plastics, toiletries and household cleaners, dirty electricity, EMF’s, mould and more.

Module 5

Kitchen/Pantry Inventory
If you are what you eat, let’s do an inventory of what not so healthy food items should be removed so we will not be tempted to fall back into old bad habits. Reading food labels, identifying harmful ingredients, weekly shopping list, kitchen equipment and other necessities will be discussed.

Module 6

Putting Your Own Personalized Detox Program Together
Armed with an arsenal of tools, tips, required essentials, food guide, recipes and other valuable suggestions, you are ready to embark on your own 4 week Detox Program with ease and comfort. Additional support will be offered.

Bonus TeleClass:

How To Beat Candiasis and Optimize Your Thyroid
You will learn how to identify Candida and thyroid problems, and restore your bodies natural defense systems with natural and herbal remedies for these two serious health concerns.

Additional Recordings:

Dr Charles Partito on Ejuva Cleansing System
Wayne Gendel on Forever Healthy Water Systems
Niels Wandler on Vita Biosa

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