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Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

Hello Fellow health Seekers:

Webster’s defines mindfulness as the practice of maintaining an non-judgemental state, an awareness of one’s thoughts or emotions on a moment to moment basis.It’s roots are in Buddhists teachings of awareness, acceptance, compassion and tolerance. It was first introduced to the US 30 years ago where research began initially in hospitals and then moved on to prisons and work with veterans. It has gained popularity in the last few years and is now taught in schools and in boardrooms.

Our society focuses either on the past or on the future. Mindfulness teaches you to be present now. (It has been shown to change the structure of the brain). The practice teaches you to incorporate mindfulness into the everyday things you do daily from driving to making meals to shopping. It is a way of being!It improves your concentration, levels of compassion, life satisfaction and decision-making.If the concept of mindfulness is new to you, I urge you to do some research online and enrol in a MSBR program.(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).www.soundstrue.com offers some great programs.

Using the old slogan from Casinos, the meaning holds true in Mindfulness…


Thyroid problems especially in women is reaching epidemic proportions and may soon take over as the leading cause of death surpassing heart disease. Dr. Isabella Wentz who suffered from thyroid issues for almost a decade is releasing an documentary series online staring March 1st. I urge you to watch or purchase the series.

To register, please go to: http://thethyroidsecret.com/trailer/hlv2.php?utm_expid=137623102-9.pucl2SW7RneQOO_eHNRGWQ.1&t=102cbeff4a001a52a4ee6e7cbe2f71&a=3252&o=2&source=&aff_sub=&aff_sub2=&aff_sub3=&aff_sub4=&aff_sub5=&opt_in=4

I am hosting a 5-Day “Recipe For Health” retreat April 30-May5 in Caledon, On. Each day, a new recipe will be covered, which is not all food related. Recipe for Nutrition, Recipe for a Healthy Home, Recipe for Emotional Management, Recipe for Healing Modalities, Recipe for a personal assessment with a Health Care Professional and so forth. I will be posting a weekly, short video on my FB site under Stovelesscuisine that will further explain. If you wish, you can view more inf at www.stovelesscuisine.com/retreat. There is an early bird special. Get a group of your friends together for a great week to improve sleep and digestion, eliminate bloating, lose some weight, learn what body systems need a touch up, have more energy and leave feeling FANTASTIC! And a plethora of recipes to take home!

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

Will You Ever Get a Catastrophic Disease?-Complimentary Teleclass

Dear Fellow Health Seekers:


Too often we get wrapped up in “normal” blood test results with the false belief that we are healthy.


How many times have you heard of someone suffering a fatal heart attack, but his blood cholesterol was “normal?”


Or missed diagnosis of hypothroidism because the blood results came back “normal?”


Did you know that as of 2008, the #1 killer of Canadians is cancer? We have surpassed all nations, including the US. The #1 killer in the US is heart disease.


Did you know that the #1 killer of children under 5 is brain cancer?

(It starts in utero with a toxic mom and toxic dad)


Did you know that since 1993, it has been known that chlorine causes cancer?


Did you know that you do not digest cooked protein?


Did you know that 60% of meat eaters are B12 deficient?


Did you know that ice cream contains turpentine and rat poison to name a few “delicacies?”


Did you know that you have a completely new body every 7 years? new heart, new lungs, new skin etc. So, how come the cancer is still there?


If “Food is Medicine”, how come we are the sickest society?


Come spend an hour with me in this complimentary Teleclass (Sunday, September 1st at noon EST) as I share the latest information on how to eat healthy, stay healthy and ward off illness.


To register, please email me for the call-in information (alexi@stovelesscuisine.com)


Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!



5 Tips To Stay Healthy in a Toxic World-Complimentary Teleclass

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

If you suffer from fatigue, aches and pains, sleepless nights, poor digestion and bloating, inability to loose weight or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your body may be in toxic overload.

Toxins from the water, air, food, industrial run-offs and EMF’s all contribute to the pollution of our environment and add to your daily toxic load.


 Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and I overcame it by eliminating the toxins from my diet and home environment.


 I invite you to attend a complimentary teleconference on Tuesday, August 13, 9 PM ET (NewYork) as I share my 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World.


To register go to:


Click on Free Seminars and then sign-up


Hope to “see” you on the call.


 Please share with family and friends, it may change their life and give them hope and a different perspective.

To your continued good health!



A Tale of Two Sisters

Dear Health Seekers:

A Tale of Two Sisters

February to June
Sister A on her raw food program, smoothies every morning with home grown sprouts, greens, chlorella, spirulina, micro clustered water (chlorine/fluoride and heavy metal free, pH9.5), MSM, Goji Berries, Maca, walking 1 hour daily with her dogs in the country,3-1 hour fitness workouts, Chi Machine (To oxygenate and alkalize 30 minutes daily) organic food 90%. Colon cleanse bi-yearly.WiFI protected. No health issues or concerns.
Sister B relies on Sister A to supply her with healthy food. She is a Personal Fitness Trainer. Lots of cardio/exercise daily. Same smoothie, no flesh protein, organic 70%. 1 cold, PMS cramps every month.

March to July
Sister A 12 oz of alkaline water with apple cider vinegar, 12 oz of bentonite clay water, 12 oz of a green juice, same smoothie, has added Ashwandaga Root to smoothie and an amazing herbal Probiotic (Bio Viosa).Same exercise routine and bi-yearly colon cleanse. Wifi protected. No health issues or concerns
Sister B, infrequent breakfast smoothie, same waters infrequently, flesh protein with fish/chicken almost daily, 20% raw food, 40% organic, surrounded by WiFi and cell phones with no protection.
Complains at least on a weekly basis of fatigue, indigestion, PMS and cramps, dizziness, flu symptoms, frequent energy lulls, sleepless nights. Needing to nap daily. Bed ridden twice with the flu.

What a difference 1 year can make in your health?

This scenario is myself and my friend.(we are not sisters) Who is healthier? The personal trainer or me?

May I ask, how is your health today? Was it better a year ago? 5 years ago? Or is it getting worse? Are you happy with your energy level? Digestion? Suffer from aches and pains? Poor sleep? Do you have a health challenge or a concern?

The 5-Day Detox I facilitated in May showed remarkable results for the attendees. Just 5 days and the body can bounce back given the proper nutrition and numerous modalities for detoxification. (all found in God’s pharmacy) You will go home at the end of 5 days with a step by step guide to implement on your new healthy lifestyle. Are you game?
I hope you can join us for a 5-Day Transformation.

In This Issue:

1) 10 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil
2) The Marketing of Madness
3) The Vegetarian Advantage
4) Is Organic Really Better?
5) Remembering Jack Lalane

1) 10 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil

2) The Marketing of Madness

3) The Vegetarian Advantage (Based on the works of Colin Campbell-The China Study)

4) Is Organic Really Better?

5) Remembering Jack Lalane


Please share with family and friends!

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!
Alexi Bracey

Does Your Stress Cause Cancer?

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

And the good news is…below is what you will experience as part of the 5 Day Raw Food Detox Retreat.

Be prepared to learn a great deal about your body composition!

Alex Gellman, PhD., Homeopath and Iridologist, will evaluate your body composition at the beginning of the Raw Food Healing retreat, using Bioimpedance analysis (BIA). BIA has become a widely accepted method for determining body composition in healthy populations, due to its simplicity, speed and noninvasive nature. This instrument will measure total healthy water, water outside the cells (lymphedema) that leads to feeling puffy (and is very common in women from the waist to the knees), and total muscle and total body fat.

Your BIA information will be graphed to follow your progress from the beginning to the end of the retreat. In the case of lack of progress Alexandra will offer insights as to why the expected results did not materialize.

You may initially not like what your BIA reveals, but you do have the power to change. It is important to remember that food is only one of the five contributors that determine your body composition. The other four are:

1.    how you handle emotions

2.    hormonal levels in the body

3.    hereditary predispositions

4.    whether the liver is overburdened in its job of detoxifying – The liver can be hampered by alcohol and drug consumption and the liver also works to clear toxins absorbed from many household cleaners and feminine grooming products such as nail polish, hair colour, cleansers and make up. Let us clean up our liver this spring – emotionally and physically !

Since Passover and Easter has everyone focusing on their relevant religious gatherings, I have extended the deadline for the $300 discount to

Thursday, April 4, 2013 at midnight.

May I suggest that you consider this Detox Retreat t as an investment in your health.

Once more, here is the information:

LET IT GO! 5 Day Raw Food Detox!

Spring is the time of the year let go of the body toxins, the emotional toxins, and the stress toxins on this 5 Day Raw Food Detox Retreat starting Sunday May 5-Friday May 10, 2013 at this beautiful secluded “Natures Retreat” just north of Georgetown, Ontario.

Come unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate your body in this warm, intimate, personal space. Nestled on 34 acres of pristine property, with nature walks…connect to Mother Nature and more.

This 5 Day Program includes:

  • Pre and Post assessment with a Naturopath and body composition assessment
  • Pre-cleanse preparation guidelines
  • Green body care products (shampoo, conditioner and soap)
  • Gourmet raw organic meals on eating days
  • Organic fruit and vegetable smoothies on semi-fasting days
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots
  • A variety of herbal teas
  • High quality pro-biotic (acidophilus) supplements
  • Raw organic sauerkraut juice for colon cleanse and re-nourishment of the “good” bacteria
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Demo on making kefir, saurkraut and sprouting
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • 3 Raw Food Classes
  • Rolf Massage
  • Meditation Classes
  • Use of the Chi Machine, FAR Infrared Dome, Amethyst Mat
  •  “Tips for the Journey” to take home
  • Assistance and guidance throughout the program

Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox Retreat:$1697 plus HST

Save $300 if you book and pay in full by April 4, 2013                                                   $500 deposit upon booking, balance due April 19, 2013                                    Refund 30 days prior minus $300 handling fee.                                                     Less than 30 days, refund minus $600

The space is limited to 10 individuals, 2 sharing 2 bedrooms or 3 sharing 2 bedrooms. There is lots of space to get away and reflect.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

                                          Dr Anne Wigmore

In this Issue:

1) This Beverage is Deliciously Killing Us

2) FREE “Hungry for Change” online screening until March 31, 2013

3) 11 Food and Natural Hair Remedies For Healthy Hair

4) Top 10 Toxins Hidden in Vitamins, Supplements and Health Foods

5) Does Stress Cause Cancer?

1) This Beverage is Deliciously Killing Us


2) FREE “Hungry for Change” limited online screening http://www.hungryforchange.tv/

3) 11 Food and Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair


4) Top 10 Toxins Hidden in Vitamins, Supplements and Health Foodshttp://www.naturalnews.com/039638_toxins_ingredients_nutritional_supplements.html

5) Does Stress Cause Cancer? Courtesy Cancer is Curable Now

Our body is very vulnerable to chronic stress. Having the ability to learn how to bring your emotions back into balance helps you to because we get used to it. We quite often feel normal even in worst conditions. We do not notice how much this stress affects our health, even as it takes a heavy toll.


Studies lead by Dwayne Jackson of at the Departments of Medical Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering  in 2011 have identified a particular neurotransmitter released in response to stress, that stimulates both cancer cell growth and migration in breast cancer, and other studies confirm this.
Neuropeptide Y stimulates proliferation and migration in the 4T1 breast cancer cell line. International Journal of Cancer, 2011; DOI:  10.1002/ijc.26350
Stress fuels breast cancer metastasis to bone. ScienceDaily. Vanderbilt University Medical Center (2012, July 17).  Retrieved March 14, 2013, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2012/07/1207171833 44.htm

Many research studies prove that stress is directly linked to cancer. Dr. Hammer from the German New Medicine has shown with thousands of cases that all cancers have a stress related cause or at least a contributing factor.  How about you? Are you aware how stressed you are? Are you still in denial?

In todays video I would like to show you some typical STRESSORS . Count on your fingers how many you have. If you run out of fingers then it’s time for a massive change.

Does your STRESS cause your CANCER

Good Health is a Choice, so Choose Wisely!

Alexi Bracey

What Does the Former Chef at Grail Springs and Detox Have in Common?

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

Many years ago, I had the privilege to work at Grail Springs Wellness Spa, which at the time was Canada’s only environmental Detox Spa.

I very successfully introduced the Alkaline/Acid concept for maximum health, raw food, juicing and other Detox modalities. The results were amazing! Clients went home vibrant, regained their energy, lost weight, slept better, even on a weekend stay, to say nothing for those who stayed 5 days or longer. I loved working there. I was in my element. I even went back a second time.

I am offering you a similar opportunity with the 5-Day “Let It Go” Detox Retreat being held May 5-10, 2013 at Natures Retreat, near Georgetown, Ontario. I have changed the format a bit focusing totally on the essence of raw food, juicing and a total connection to Mother Earth, foods that fill our wild forests, and how to minimize interference from man made technologies.

Here is what some of the clients said:

I have meant to contact you for many months, almost 2 years have past. My only hesitation was I had not followed your advice then. Nonetheless, Alexi you touched my life more than you could possibly know. Sept 2o04, I spent a week at Grail Springs and I had the pleasure of meeting you and since indirectly you have become my mentor. You gave amazing information, delicious food and compassion for much well-being.

Sonia, Montreal, Quebec


We were involved in a 4.5 week weight loss/detox program with Ms. Bracey supervising and preparing raw meals for us. We collectively reduced our weight by 65 pounds. We amazingly never felt hungry or were out of sorts with the significant food change. My energy and a healthier well-being were experienced by both my brother and I.

My brother and I, without hesitation recommend Alex’s services for anyone seriously committed to improving their overall health, energy level and ofcourse life span.

David Ciancone, Ancaster Old Mill


You can take advantage of a $300 savings if you register prior

March 2013. This will be a full house retreat, so sign-up early to avoid disappointment.


To Your Continued God Health!

Alexi Bracey





Comparison of Super Green Foods


Comparison of Green  Super Foods (NaturalNews)

There’s increasing awareness today about the health benefits of drinking superfood powders. Anyone who has been reading NaturalNews for very long knows that cruciferous vegetables prevent cancer, berries protect the nervous system and prevent heart disease, chlorella cleanses the liver and blood, curcumin prevents cancer and arthritis, cherries ease inflammation, pomegranates prevent prostate cancer, and so on. But many people who are new to superfood products are a bit put off by the intense tastes of the more potent powders (after all, they’re not sugared up like soda, and they contain no artificial sweeteners). Not surprisingly, I’m constantly being asked what’s available on the market that actually tastes good.

For this review, I’m sharing the details on the top seven superfood products that I’m familiar with. This is not an exhaustive review, and I apologize to any company that should be included on this list, but isn’t. (Send some product samples to my office and that will help me learn about your product for the next update!)

Also, this is not a review about protein powders such as the outstanding hemp protein products from Ruth’s Hemp Foods or Nutiva, or the LivingFuel Rx Super Greens product (www.LivingFuel.com). It’s also not about omega-3 superfood products such as Jon Barron’s “Private Reserve” product, which is quite remarkable in its own right, or the Active Greens product (http://www.activegreens.com) from the Organic Food Bar company, which is also outstanding. Instead, it’s about green superfood powders that provide concentrated forms of disease-fighting fruits, vegetables, microalgae, probiotics and sea vegetables.

Taste vs. Nutritional Density

General speaking, the better a superfood product tastes, the lower the nutritional density. Why is this? Because the most nutritionally dense superfoods — such as chlorella, spirulina, broccoli sprouts, etc. — often have very strong tastes that seem unusual to people used to drinking sugary beverages like sodas or processed fruit juices.

People who are new to superfoods should begin by drinking the better-tasting brands (see below) for at least 60 – 90 days. After they are used to those tastes, they can experiment with more nutritionally dense brands.

Over time, any person can become accustomed to even the most nutritionally dense superfoods. For example, the sharp taste of the I3C phytonutrients from broccoli seems very strange to new people, but after a few days of drinking broccoli juice or extracts, the tongue is desensitized to the taste, and what once seemed offensive can come to taste rather mild or even pleasant in a relatively short period of time. (Note that in junk food consumers, this taste desensitization effect works in a negative way by making people crave more and more sugar or salt in their foods because they’re no longer sensitive to such tastes. Then, when they taste something healthy, they can’t stand the taste!)

Here are the seven superfood products included in this review, presented in the order of their taste: From the best-tasting to the most potent-tasting. All of these powders are simply mixed with water and sweetened to taste using stevia, agave nectar, raw honey or other natural sweeteners. You may also want to experiment blending them with a banana, apple or pear, but remember that using such fruits greatly increases the insulin response to consuming those drinks. It’s healthier to stick to a low-glycemic superfood meal whenever possible (and for diabetics, it’s essential to avoid drinking sugars!).

Disclaimer: Neither myself nor Natural News has any financial relationship whatsoever with the companies mentioned here. We earn nothing on the sales of these products, and we have not been paid in any way to write about these products. Any statements about the ability of these products to prevent or cure disease are our own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the manufacturers (thanks to FDA censorship of superfood labeling, of course).

Earth’s Promise

Taste: Earth’s Promise is available in several different flavors and has a tangy, tart flavor. It combines citric acid and inulin with many different superfoods, including fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables and other items. It has a delicious taste that even kids can immediately enjoy, but the high acidity of the beverage means I don’t recommend it for long-term use. It’s great as an entry-level superfood product, however.

Nutritional Density: Earth’s Promise is not very nutritionally dense, compared to the other products mentioned here. Still, it’s way better than drinking processed juices or soft drinks.

Price: Very high. Per ounce, Earth’s Promise is very expensive, and given that it doesn’t offer the nutritional density of other products mentioned here, it’s not the best value long term. Still, given the extremely beneficial ingredients it contains, it’s worth the cost, even at a high price per ounce. I openly recommend Earth’s Promise to lots of people, and it remains a great way for anyone to get started in superfoods without getting smacked by the extreme taste of hard-core green powders.

Learn more at:

Miracle Reds and Macro Greens

Taste: Miracle Reds taste really good. It doesn’t have the tart “candy” taste of Earth’s Promise, but it’s really delicious, especially when blended with a banana, apple or other sweet fruit. The company that makes Miracle Reds (Macro Life Naturals) also makes “Macro Greens,” a product that used to be called “Miracle Greens” before the idiotic, tyrannical U.S. government sued the company and forced them to change their name, claiming the word “miracle” was illegal to use in the context of a health product literature. In any case, the taste is really great for both products, but I think the “Reds” taste better (more fruits).

Nutritional Density: Good. The density is higher than Earth’s Promise, and these products provide really strong nutritional benefits, including heart disease prevention, nervous system protection, cancer prevention and much more. Definitely a solid product loaded with highly nutritious ingredients.

Price: Good, but not great. The price per ounce is somewhat high for this product, mostly because it’s sold through retail channels and therefore has quite a bit of markup. It’s an unavoidable side effect of distributing through retail. Also, part of the reason the price is high on this product (and all the products reviewed here) is because they use quality, genuine ingredients! These aren’t junk products made by Coca-Cola. These are superfood products made with real food. That costs money (but it’s worth every penny in terms of the health benefits you receive).

Learn more at:

Amazing Grass

Taste: This is a superfood product for kids and adults, and I have to admit that the taste of the chocolate-flavored Amazing Grass is so good that I had a hard time (at first) believing it really contained the nutritional ingredients claimed on the label! The taste is accomplished with a small amount of cane juice (cane sugar), which I don’t really have a problem with, given the nutritional density of the other supporting ingredients. If you’re trying to get your child to drink superfoods, this is a great product to start with (and you’ll love it, too!).

Nutritional Density: Good, but not great. The cane juice crystals take away from the overall nutritional density. Still, it’s a highly recommended superfood product, and I’ve given it to lots of kids who otherwise would never eat or drink many of the ingredients found in this product. While there are other products with stronger nutritional density, they don’t have anywhere near the great taste of Amazing Grass.

Price: Although prices are always floating around a bit in the industry, my impression is that Amazing Grass products are priced in line with other superfood supplements sold in retail outlets. It’s not the best price in the world, but again, given the outstanding ingredients it contains, it’s a great investment in your health!

Learn more at:

Emerald Balance and X Balance

Taste: Simply outstanding! In terms of overall taste vs. overall nutritional density, the Emerald Balance and X Balance products earn my highest recommendation. These products taste remarkably great, even to folks who are new to superfoods. (If you’re brand new to superfoods, go for the chocolate-flavored X Balance product first. You’ll love it!) The Emerald Balance product, in contrast, has a bit of a minty flavor to it, which I find mixes really well with avocados and almond milk. (Really, it tastes like a mint ice cream shake!)

Nutritional Density: What really impressed me about the Emerald Balance and X Balance products is how they manage to taste so incredibly good even when they have such high nutritional density. It’s an art (and a science) to make that magic happen, and the formulator of Emerald Balance (Jan Lovejoy) has done a masterful job of creating a winning recipe. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to experience an abundance of nutritional benefits from superfoods, but who doesn’t want to stomach something that taste really strong (like some of the other products reviewed below). By the way, they’ve just released a new product called Chocolate Emerald Balance Plus, which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m confident will be delicious!

Price: Good value. The Emerald Balance products are sold in larger containers than many other products, so although the total expenditure may be higher, the price per ounce is a very good value. Given the nutritional density of the product, I think the price is quite reasonable. This is a superfood product I consume on a regular basis.

Learn more at:

BOKU Superfood

Taste: With BOKU Superfood, we’re getting into a higher class of nutritional potency. In all the products that follow, taste is not the primary selling feature. None of these products taste as good as Emerald Balance or Earth’s Promise, for example (except to a few hard-core raw foodists who have retrained their taste buds over a period of decades). Among these high-density nutritional products, however, I think BOKU Superfood tastes very good. I sometimes drink it straight with nothing but water. But I don’t eat any refined sugar, either, and I’ve been consuming superfoods for about ten years now. Definitely do not try BOKU Superfood as your entry-level product if you’re new to superfoods. Start with something a little less potent.

Nutritional Density: Superb! Simply outstanding! I place this product among the top three most nutritionally dense superfoods products on the planet. It’s really outstanding. (Read my full review of the product here: http://www.naturalnews.com/022566.html ) This product is absolutely loaded with anti-cancer nutrients, anti-heart disease nutrients, anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, etc. It contains natural medicines that scientific literature has clearly shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, depression, osteoporosis, and so much more. This is the product to choose if you’re looking for hard-core nutrition for curing or preventing serious disease. Chug several heaping spoonfuls each day!

Price: Surprisingly, the price of BOKU Superfood is actually quite good. It’s astonishingly good through our NaturalNews special discount, which may or may not still be valid by the time you read this, but you can try it at the following URL:

If that URL is still valid, it’s flat out the best offer of any high-density superfood product on the market today, and it’s a huge discount off the normal price for this product. This is accomplished in part because the product is sold directly to consumers and doesn’t go through retail distribution channels, but it’s also because NaturalNews negotiated a huge discount on the product as a service to our readers. (That discount is available exclusively to NaturalNews readers, not to the general public.) Click the URL above to see if that offer is still good…

Learn more at:
Special NaturalNews offer at:

Vitamineral Green

Taste: The Vitamineral Green product from HealthForce Nutritionals is legendary in the raw foods community. Formulated by raw foods pioneer Dr. Jameth Sheridan, it’s a top-of-the-line, high-density superfood product that’s also among my top three choices. The taste, however, is intense. I don’t drink this straight. I add it to other blends to improve the taste. It’s strong, even for people who drink a lot of fresh vegetables juices (like me). David Rain (from www.JuiceFeasting.com) drinks it straight with water, however.

Nutritional Density: Outstanding! This is one of the most nutritionally dense superfood products on the market today. If you’re seriously looking to reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression or other chronic conditions, and you want support from a genuine superfood product, I strongly recommend you check out Vitamineral Green.

Value: A solid value, but still quite a bit more expensive than BOKU Superfood (because of the retail distribution channel issue). The nutritional density makes it worth every penny, of course. Simply phenomenal ingredients. The food of Kings!

Learn more at:

Pure Synergy

Taste: Let me be blunt: Pure Synergy tastes pretty wicked to those who are new to superfoods. But it’s similar to Vitamineral Green and the taste is tolerated quite well by hard-core nutritionists. I routinely use Pure Synergy in my Juice Feasting beverages, and while the taste seemed a bit strong the first time I consumed it, I quickly got used to it and now use the product regularly. Definitely not for beginners.

Nutritional Density: Very high. Similar to Vitamineral Green. Absolutely packed with disease-fighting nutrients. This is the kind of product you want to take if you’re serious about beating diseases like cancer. There are literally thousands of phytonutrients (natural, plant-based medicines) in this product and the others reviewed here. This is the best medicine in the world for preventing disease and enhancing health.

Price: High. This product seems to be priced higher than some other high-potency superfoods, but again, it’s still a fantastic value considering the quality of the ingredients you’re getting. Even at $100 a bottle, it would be a bargain, and it’s far less than $100 a bottle. When considering the prices on all these products, you have to ask yourself this question: What’s the cost of being sick? When you look at health as an investment in your own quality of life and longevity, then the prices of these products seem almost irrelevant.

Learn more at:

What’s the best superfood product?

I don’t have a “best” product overall. I recommend various superfood products depending on the situation. Here’s what I currently recommend:

Best superfood for traveling: Earth’s Promise (easy package size is good for luggage or airplanes, can be quickly mixed with water)

Best taste with high potency nutrition: Emerald Balance

Most nutrition per dollar: Boku Superfood

Potent nutrition for purists and raw foodists: Vitamineral Green or Pure Synergy

Best fruit formula: HealthForce Fruits of the Earth (was not reviewed here, but is worth mentioning)

Best greens + protein formula: Living Fuel Rx Super Greens