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Is Your Home Sick?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Did you know that our homes today are more air tight than ever before thus making the indoor air quality more toxic than the out doors. We are bombarded by off gasses from new furniture, new flooring, new paint, Wifi, plastics, PCOC’s, flouride in our water, dry cleaning, scented candles, air fresheners and home cleaning products as Lysol, Javex or Mr.Clean. What is one to do? Become an educated consumer, learn to read labels and ID the good guys from the bad, minimize and eliminate the toxins that you can and use safe alternatives or you can attend my free webinar “Is Your House Sick?” Tuesday, February 21 at 8 PM

To register, please go to:https://zoom.us/webinar/register/f9e25077408075d1d746f627e8486654

JJVirgin has released a movie about The Power of Hope and a Miracle Mindset in the tragic story of her sons hit and run accident. I urge you to watch this beautiful, inspiring free viewing until Feb 17.http://miraclemindset.com/world-premiere/?Id=190247&Email=alexibracey@gmail.com&inf_contact_key=e83e1adfb18e5998bdd1faa7fac00cfa4da8036c93d32b378f3defe9214224d0

I will be hosting:

Recipe for Health Retreat  April 30-May 5, 2017

What if in 5 days you could:
  • sleep better
  •  improve digestion
  •  eliminate bloating
  • loose some weight
  • learn what body systems need improving
  • have more energy
Includes personal assessment with a Health Professional, cooking classes and recipes that promote healthy eating habits, detoxifying baths and other detox related modalities, instructions on stress management, suggestions to eliminate home toxins.Lots of sharing, learning and  laughter.
This is 5 days on-sight intimate retreat in a lovely  country setting near Caledon, Ontario limited to 8 attendees. More information to follow shortly.
Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!
Alexi Bracey


Self Care! 5-Day Raw Food Detox!

Hello fellow Health Seekers!

It is time to let go of the body toxins, the emotional toxins, and the environmental toxins on this Self Care 5-Day Raw Food Detox starting Sunday Feb 8-Friday Feb 13, 2015 at this beautiful secluded “Natures Retreat” just north of Georgetown, Ontario.

Alexi Bracey, Raw Food Chef and Lifestyle Detox Expert, who overcame cancer by detoxifying her lifestyle 15 years ago, will facilitate this retreat.

                             “ Alexi walks her talk and teaches her walk.”

Come unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate your body in this warm, intimate, personal space. Nestled on 34 acres of pristine property, with nature walks, country air and calming energy to connect to your true inner self.

This 5-Day Program includes:

  • Pre and Post assessments with a health care provider
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots and probiotics
  • Healing raw organic meals
  • A variety of herbal and detoxifying teas
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • Raw Food Prep Classes including, kefir, kimchi and sprouting demos
  • Daily Detox Baths, use of Far Infrared Sauna, Chi Machine & Far Infrared Dome
  • Health lectures and evening videos
  • Reflexology, Raindrop or Thai Chi Massage availability
  • Calm the mind using Heart Math tools
  • Other healing modalities
  • Daily healthy lifestyle program to take home

What former attendees have to say about their 5 Day Detox experience!

“Thank you for doing what you do so well that allowed me to concentrate on what I came to do . You are a genius!”             Carolyn M    

“I  really  hope  you know how much you helped and inspired me to stay on track in continuing on my journey to a healthier, happier me.”   Clara A

You have inspired the gift of healing in me and many others”    Lisa H

Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox is $1997 plus HST                     Save $300 if you book and pay in full Jan 15, 2015                                                       $500 deposit upon booking, balance due Jan 30, 2015                                    Refund greater than 14 days prior minus $300                                                             Less than 14 days, refund minus $500                                   www.stovelesscuisine.com

The space is limited to 10 individuals, 2 sharing 2 bedrooms or 3 sharing 2 bedrooms. There is lots of space to get away and reflect.

“The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”

                                                                                   Anne Wigmore

Like health, self-care is a choice, so make that choice and commitment today!