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Is Your Home Sick?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Did you know that our homes today are more air tight than ever before thus making the indoor air quality more toxic than the out doors. We are bombarded by off gasses from new furniture, new flooring, new paint, Wifi, plastics, PCOC’s, flouride in our water, dry cleaning, scented candles, air fresheners and home cleaning products as Lysol, Javex or Mr.Clean. What is one to do? Become an educated consumer, learn to read labels and ID the good guys from the bad, minimize and eliminate the toxins that you can and use safe alternatives or you can attend my free webinar “Is Your House Sick?” Tuesday, February 21 at 8 PM

To register, please go to:https://zoom.us/webinar/register/f9e25077408075d1d746f627e8486654

JJVirgin has released a movie about The Power of Hope and a Miracle Mindset in the tragic story of her sons hit and run accident. I urge you to watch this beautiful, inspiring free viewing until Feb 17.http://miraclemindset.com/world-premiere/?Id=190247&Email=alexibracey@gmail.com&inf_contact_key=e83e1adfb18e5998bdd1faa7fac00cfa4da8036c93d32b378f3defe9214224d0

I will be hosting:

Recipe for Health Retreat  April 30-May 5, 2017

What if in 5 days you could:
  • sleep better
  •  improve digestion
  •  eliminate bloating
  • loose some weight
  • learn what body systems need improving
  • have more energy
Includes personal assessment with a Health Professional, cooking classes and recipes that promote healthy eating habits, detoxifying baths and other detox related modalities, instructions on stress management, suggestions to eliminate home toxins.Lots of sharing, learning and  laughter.
This is 5 days on-sight intimate retreat in a lovely  country setting near Caledon, Ontario limited to 8 attendees. More information to follow shortly.
Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!
Alexi Bracey


Detox Is An Inside Job-5-Day Detox

Detox Is An Inside Job

5-Day Detox

November 10-15, 2014, Erin, On


 In the fall we service our cars for the winter, clean the furnace and get ready for a slower pace of life.

We have accumulated more toxins over the previous months from the foods we have consumed, everyday environmental pollutants, daily stresses and consuming city water.

Why not a Detox to rejuvenate, re-energize and improve your overall sense of well being as we get ready to semi-hibernate in the winter months? If not this program, then what? If not now, then when?


This 5-Day program includes:

·      Pre and post assessment with a professional health practitioner

·      Organic, enzyme rich raw juices for 3 days

·      Organic, enzyme rich raw meals for 2 days

·      Daily wheatgrass and naturally fermented probiotics

·      Daily use of non-invasive Detox therapies i.e. baths, saunas, chi machine, hot house and more

·      Emotional Detox therapies including Raindrop Massage

·      Private classes with a personal trainer

·      Raw food prep classes including: sprouting, fermented foods, food combining, transitional foods

·      Dehydrating classes

·      Health lectures and videos

·      Personalized program to take home

·      Individual guidance throughout the program.


Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenation Detox:

$1897 plus HST, single room additional $300

Save $300 if you book by October 28th and pay in full

$500 deposit on booking, balance due November 1st

For more information, please contact alexi@stovelesscuisine.com

$100 savings ends tomorrow

Dear Fellow Health Seekers:


The offer to save $100 ends tomorrow night unless you sign-up for my 6 Module “Detox Is an Inside Job” program prior to midnight August 20th.


If you did not get an opportunity to attend the Teleclass, here is the link to listen to the recorded call. http://attendthisevent.com/?eventid=44144760


If you go to http://www.stovelesscuisie.com/detox you can get more information of what is offered in each module. This is in-depth information packed 6 part series.

You will learn:


  • Which are the best cleanses and the importance of regular body cleanses
  • The importance of infrared saunas, Chi Machine and Detox Baths
  • Why fermented foods and sea vegetables should be part of your daily diet
  • What is the best food to start your day
  • Why it is crucial to have a water purification system in your home
  • The dangers of EMF’s and Smart Meters
  • How to create a safe toxin free home
  • How to identify GMO and other non healthy food items in your pantry and safe alternatives
  • How to put together your own personalized Detox Program
  • Plus a bonus call on Candiasis and Your Thyroid and other recordings
  • Lots of recipes, food demos and other valuable tips


If you have any health concerns; thyroid issues, poor digestion, no energy, inability to loose weight, poor sleep habits or if you are just “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, I urge you to invest in this 6 Module Program and take steps to improve your health today.


If you don’t do anything (and your body is already crying out to you with symptoms), what will be the state of your health in 2 or 6 or 12 months?


P.S. One of the items discussed in the 6 Module Detox Program is the harmful rays of EMF’s. This Tuesday, (August 19th) I have a very special guest speaker who will go into more detail about the dangers of WiFi, Smart Meters and much more.


To sign-up please go to:



Good health is a choice! So choose wisely!









Irreversible Sterility and Genetic Mutation Due To Wireless Frequencies

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

What a great Teleclass on “5 Tips to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World”. If you missed the call, here is the replay link:

I am offering a 6 Module “Detox Is an Inside Job” program starting September if you wish to educate yourself about Detox, how it applies to your water, food, home environment, with recipes, and lots of the latest research and valuable information. You will be equipped to experience your own customized Detox at home if you cannot make it to my 5 Day Detox Transformation Getaway.
Please visit: http://www.stovelesscuisine.com/detox for more information.
Special offer is limited to the first 12 sign-ups)

A copy of my ebook is also available:”Detox Is An Inside Job: A Comprehensive Guide for a Non-Invasive Herbal Detox Program

The rest of this Newsletter is dedicated to EMF”S: the dangers, the research, the
health concerns beit Smart Meters, any wireless devices as cell phones, cordless phones, laptops or baby monitors.

I have arranged for a Global Unprecedented Health, EMF Environmental and Economic Emergency ~ Complimentary Teleclass (with Curtis Bennett, a world authority on the subject of Smart Meters, EMF’s and related issues) this Tuesday at 9 PM. I highly, highly suggest you attend as this will educate you to the immense dangers of EMF’s and Smart meters. The call-in number will be sent shortly. Anyone with a WiFi at home or work, Smart Meters or cell phone would benefit from the information being shared.

In this issue:
1) The Radiation Poisoning of America

2) Radio Frequency Exposure Causing Mutation of Eggs

3) Irreversible Sterility and Genetic Mutation Due to Wireless Frequencies

4) Smart Meters Emit Constant Microwave Radiation

Hope you take the time to listen to the replay and attend the Teleclass this Tuesday. Consider it an investment in you health.

Good health is a choice! So, choose wisely!


5 Tips To Stay Healthy in a Toxic World-Complimentary Teleclass

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

If you suffer from fatigue, aches and pains, sleepless nights, poor digestion and bloating, inability to loose weight or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your body may be in toxic overload.

Toxins from the water, air, food, industrial run-offs and EMF’s all contribute to the pollution of our environment and add to your daily toxic load.


 Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and I overcame it by eliminating the toxins from my diet and home environment.


 I invite you to attend a complimentary teleconference on Tuesday, August 13, 9 PM ET (NewYork) as I share my 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World.


To register go to:


Click on Free Seminars and then sign-up


Hope to “see” you on the call.


 Please share with family and friends, it may change their life and give them hope and a different perspective.

To your continued good health!



August 2013, 5-Day Raw Food Detox Transformation

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

The last 5-Day Detox was an amazing transformation for the individuals taking part. The upcoming will be better, with more detox modalities. Here is the relevant information. Please pass onto family and friends.

It is time to let go of the body toxins, the emotional toxins, and the         stress toxins on this 5-Day Raw Food Detox Transformation starting     Sunday Aug 18- Friday, Aug 23, 2013 at this beautiful secluded     “Natures Retreat” just north of Georgetown, Ontario.


Come unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate your body in this warm, intimate, personal space. Nestled on 34 acres of pristine property, with nature walks…connect to nature and the outdoors and more.


This 5-Day Program includes:


  • Pre and Post assessments and body composition analysis                   
  •   Gourmet raw organic meals on eating days
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots
  • A variety of herbal teas
  • High quality pro-biotic supplement
  • Bentonite Detox Baths
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Demo on making kefir, sauerkraut and sprouting
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • Raw Food Classes
  • Raindrop and Shiatsu massage
  • Workouts with a professional Fitness Trainer
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Far Infrared daily sauna
  • Use of the Chi Machine and FAR Infrared Dome
  • “Tips for the Journey” to take home
  • Personalized Assistance and guidance throughout the program


Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox  is:

$1897 plus HST

Save $300 if you book and pay in full by June 30th                                   $200 savings if booked and paid in full by July 15th                              $500 deposit upon booking, balance due July 15th                               Refund 30 days prior minus $300 handling fee                                             Less than 30 days, refund minus $600                           www.stovelesscuisine.com


The space is limited to 10 individuals, 2 sharing 2 bedrooms or 3 sharing 2 bedrooms. There is lots of space to get away and reflect.


“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”


                                          Dr Anne Wigmore

Goof health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey



LET IT GO! 5 Day Raw Food detox!

Hello Health Seekers:

Spring is the time of the year let go of the body toxins, the emotional toxins, and the stress toxins on this 5 Day Raw Food Detox Retreat starting Sunday May 5-Friday May 10, 2013 at this beautiful secluded “Natures Retreat” just north of Georgetown, Ontario.

Come unwind, distress and rejuvenate your body in this warm, intimate, personal space. Nestled on 34 acres of pristine property, with labyrinth walks, nature walks…connect to Mother Nature and more.

This 5 Day Program includes:

  • Pre-program health assessment and Pre-cleanse preparation guidelines
  • Green body care products (shampoo, conditioner and soap)
  • Guest binder
  • Gourmet raw organic meals on eating days
  • Organic fruit and vegetable smoothies on semi-fasting days
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots
  • A variety of herbal teas
  • High quality pro-biotic (acidophilus) supplements
  • Raw organic sauerkraut juice for colon cleanse and re-nourishment of the “good” bacteria
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • 3 Raw Food Classes
  • Rolf Massage
  • Daily Guided Meditation Classes
  • Use of the Chi Machine, FAR Infrared Dome, Amethyst Mat
  • In-depth health evaluation by a Naturopath and Eight to ten page personalized “Tips for the Journey” to take home
  • Assistance and guidance throughout the program

Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox Retreat:

$1697 plus HRT

Save $300 if you book and pay in full by March 29, 2013

$500 deposit upon booking, balance due April 19, 2013

Refund 30 days prior minus $300 handling fee.

Less than 30 days, refund minus $600

The space is limited to 10 individuals, 2 sharing 2 bedrooms or 3 sharing 2 bedrooms. There is lots of space to get away and reflect.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

                                          Dr Anne Wigmore

Still undecided if you want to commit 5 days to rejuvenate and restore your health and energy levels, improve digestion and assimilation, loose some weight and have that glowing complexion and sparkling eyes, may I suggest you watch this powerful 4 minute video. Food for thought!

Could you be one of these individuals in this thought provoking video could be you in 6 month, 1 year or 6 years because you neglected your health?


The owners of “Nature’s Retreat” are very much connected to Mother Nature and not connected to the techie world, so I will send pictures shortly. Trust me, it is quite lovely and charming. I look forward to spending the week there with you.

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey


Free Cancer Movie/Upcoming Great Free Movie and More

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

Spring is a few weeks away and time for A Body Detox, more on that  in a future newsletter.

Does anyone have a connection to the Food Network or any other TV station for Raw Food Classes?

There seems to be a lot of media attention on the toxins found everywhere lately. From arsenic in Organic Rice Syrup to the dangers of Smart Meters to our toxic everyday SAD diet.

1)“Smart” Meter Dangers Update: Scientific Proof of These                Hazardsby Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri – Conscious Life News Feb 2012

“We call for an immediate moratorium on ‘smart meter’ installation until these serious public health issues are resolved. Continuing with their installation would be extremely irresponsible.”- American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Jan. 2012..


2)Two free movies worth watching.


Whatever the dis-ease, the root cause is all the same, be it cancer, heart disease or chronic fatigue.

A soon to be released movie on diet (Hungry For Change) will be available for free online viewing for a limited time. Register to secure the viewing.


3) Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

Groundbreaking new research has linked sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis that is highly correlatedwith the #1 killer. Sodium fluoride is currently added to the water supply of many cities worldwide, despite extreme opposition from health professionals and previous studieslinking it to decreased IQ

http://naturalsociety.com/your-drinking-water-may-be-lowering-your-iq-giving-you-cancer/>  and infertility.

In their research, scientists examined the relationship between fluoride intake and the hardening (calcification) of the arteries. Studying more than 60 patients, the researchers found a significant correlation between fluoride consumption and the calcification of your arteries. Published in the January edition of the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications, the research <http://www.greenmedinfo.com/article/there-association-vascular-fluoride-uptake-vascular-calcification-and-coronary-artery-diseas>  highlights the fact that mass fluoride exposure may be to blame for the cardiovascular disease epidemic that takes more lives each year than cancer. In 2008, cardiovascular killed 17 million people.

According to the authors of the study:

“The coronary fluoride uptake value in patients with cardiovascular events was significantly higher than in patients without cardiovascular events.”

Amazingly, this is not the first report to come out on the dangers of water fluoridation, however the United States government along with other nations have allowed for the continued fluoridation of the public water supply despite these key findings. In fact, the U.S. government has even gone on record <http://naturalsociety.com/water-fluoridation-war-government-admit-dangers-experts-speak-ou/>  stating that a reduction in water fluoridation needs to occur following the results of a massive study that found water fluoridation affected cognitive function to the point of lowering the IQ of children. It turns out that the announcement was little more than a public relations stunt to curtail the massive wave of activism that followed the findings.

Government Admits Dangers Yet Continues to Pump Fluoride Into Your Water Supply

Over 24 other studies have unanimously concluded that fluoride negatively impacts cognitive function. In addition to these 24 studies focusing on cognition, over 100 animal studies have linked fluoride to an increase in male infertility, diabetes, and a whole host of other health problems. In the latest study on cognition, it was found that that 28% of the children who lived in an area where fluoride levels were low achieved the highest test scores. This means that the children exposed to less fluoride scored normal or advanced, while only 8% of fluoridated children did the same.

You need a filtration system on your home water source. A filter to remove the fluoride and chlorine and the heavy metals is an absolute must. All to the waterways on the planet have heavy metals from the Artic, to the pristine waterfalls in Costa Rica to the Amazon to the Himalayans.

And now for the Good News:

4) Toronto Doctor’s Pill goes viral.

Here is a great video about your health


5) Benefits of Vitamin C – High Doses are Required for Good Healthhttp://www.facebook.com/l/yAQHvLVv7AQE-wgseqBVAikMEpWIi0vLIgR2hcnNuXc76mA/www.how-to-boost-your-immune-system.com/benefits-of-vitamin-c.html


6) Please check out the new Raw Food Class Schedule at the web site.www.stovelesscuisine.com

To your continued good health!




Alexi Bracey

Trio Class Schedule and Other Pressing Info

Greetings Fellow Health Seekers:

The response to the Trio Classes has been inspiring so I thought I would give you the heads up with dates. The classes will be held on a Wednesday, March 7, 21, 28 at 6 PM in Burlington. (Skip one week for Spring break)
The information on the content is as follows:

Raw Food is Not Just For Rabbits
Raw Food is not only “hot,” it is the New Food Revolution! For more vibrant health, increase energy and to promote a youthful you or perhaps loose some weight, come out for morning of fun, education on the basics of raw food, kitchen equipment, food sampling, recipe handouts and more. From nut milks, creamy dips, tangy sauces, spicy soup, spunky salad dressing, zippy crackers and a dessert to WOW your company, these are easy and quick to prepare raw food menus.

Dehydrating Discovery
Add a new dimension to Raw Food by including dehydrated items in your daily diet that are enzyme rich and nutritionally dense. Demonstration includes snacks as BBQ onion rings, pepperoni and crackers, entrees as lasagna and falafels. Desserts from Lemon Poppy seed Biscotti to Apple Timbale with Carmel Sauce. Sampling and recipes will be provided.

Sprouts are chock full of enzymes and minerals, easy to digest and a must to incorporate in your daily diet from mung beans, alfalfa, red clover or sunflower. Add to soups, salads or smoothie.
Fermented vegetables made up of microbial cultures are essential for good digestion and immunity. Demos include how to grow sprouts and ferment your own vegetables easily and effectively.

3 Class Special $175, Raw Food $65, Dehydrating $75, Sprouting/Fermenting $65
Prepaid online transfer. To register, please contact alexi@stovelesscuisine.com

The early bird Special is valid until Feb 17th. If you have attended the first class and wish to continue with class 2 and 3, your cost is $125 if you register prior to Feb 20th as well.

The Gluten/Dairy Free Class is this Sunday in Dundas, On, at Morsden Organic Farms, Feb 12, noon to 3 PM ( Just in time for a Decadent Chocolate Dessert for your Sweetie on Feb 14th)
The most memorable part of a meal, and often the part that everyone looks forward to…is dessert. Come out for an evening of fun, learning and tasting …of some amazing RAW desserts. If you want to impress your guests; if you want a healthy sweet; if you don’t have the inclination for fussy, time consuming too sweet desserts…this is your answer. Menu includes: Almond Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting, Mango Macaroon Tartlets, Raspberry Ganache Chocolate Cake, Chia Chai Pudding and Apple Cobber with Apple Crumble. Recipes will be provided. These recipes do not require a dehydrator, just lots of love. $65 prepaid

On another note, I have been promoting www.ewg.org with regards to their Dirty Dozen and Healthy Fifteen foods that you should eat organic, Well, the latest research which is very disturbing has shown that up to 1/3 of our flouride body content is a result of cyrolite (sodium aluminum flouride) that is sprayed on non organic vegetables and fruits as iceburg lettuce, citrus fruits, raisins(grape juice, which is the basis of all fruit juices). So bottom line, YOU HAVE TO EAT ORGANIC or grow your own garden.

See the clip below:

This borders on the ridiculous. We jump up and down giving high-fives every time we get a community to remove fluoride from the water supply. The fact is that fluoride is so embedded in our food supply system that a little in the water is of no consequence anyway.

The time, the effort, the press; it goes on and on. This huge amount of effort I guess does give one the feeling of a moral victory, but the fact is while we have been so focused on the water, they have doubled, tripled and quadrupled our intake from other sources. Fluoride is even a major component if Ritalin!

Is it any wonder why THEY do not want home-grown gardens, organics, etc and gives us the small victory of fluoride removal from a water system?

Cryolite – sodium aluminum fluoride. Now there is a winning combination.


There was an independent study done by Sweden and Canada testing the most pristine waters on the planet that were not inhabited within a 100 mile radius…guess what they found? There are no waters on the planet that are not contaminated by heavy metals to say nothing of other toxins. Please, I urge you to get a water filtration system to remove flouride, chlorine and heavy metals. The cyrolite spray on our foods is composed of chloromine and hydroflourosillic acid which leeches lead from your pipes.

Individuals think that if they live in the country and are not using city treated water they are safe…WRONG! The water basin has metals in it that are not detected when you have your well water tested for bacteria count.

I use a Kangen water system with added filtration for Chlorine and Flouride and heavy metals. It is a system used in 80% of the schools and hospitals in Japan. If you would like more info, please contact me.

As most you you know I shared my heart and opened up to my challenges over Xmas..a little glitch right now. I have to leave my present residence as the owners son and his family are experiencing some financial challenges and are moving back home, which means I have to leave by the end of Feb. So, I am looking for a new place to call home, country setting within a 100 km radius of Burlington or similar, pet friendly and high speed internet. So, if any of you know /are open to / please email me.

It has been delightful connecting with so many of you, some I know, some not… yet…your support, encouragement, little notes…I truly appreciate. You never know in what way you may have been an influence in someones life.. a lift…a smile..a word of encourgement. From the bottom of my heart..a deep felt thank you.

As always,


Alexi Bracey
Health Educator/Raw Food Chef