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Benefits of Functional Medicine

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Allopathic medicine does have its benefits in cases of emergencies: resetting a bone fracture, treating trauma after an accident or severe burn, complications in childbirth and other circumstances.
But, most times it falls short in safe and effective treatment (Hippocrates oath says:”Do no harm”.)
In 1917, The Fetzer Report was passed and funded by the Rothschild’s stated that all Medical School curriculum was to be heavily Pharmaceutically based, with very little training in nutrition. Hence, the stronghold of Big Pharma in our everyday treatment of dis-ease, otherwise known as a bandaid.
Where Functional Medicine differs, is in its treatment, by getting to the root cause with non mainstream, non invasive and safe testing with blood, saliva, or urine, chiropractic adjustments and many other modalities.

I urge you to consider a Functional Medicine Practioner if you have symptoms, discomfort or have been recently diagnosed with a dis-ease (cancer, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma on and on) to get to the root cause, so you may reverse, prevent or at the very least minimize your malady.

I recently had a bone density scan and my results showed a low bone density score. My new allopathic doctor whom I had gone to see for baseline blood work only of course wanted to prescribe meds which was a “NO” no brainer for me. Had she read scientific medical journals, she would have been versed that osteo meds do not prevent or minimize osteoporosis. More than 10 studies have been done world wide over the last 8 years proving that meds do not help/minimize, prevent osteoporosis and the side effects are horrific. Your health is your responsibility!Don’t pass the buck to your MD.


Research shows that up to 90% of all illnesses today are related to nutrition and environment. We change our diets when diagnosed with a dis-ease, but we do not change our living situation. City water, plastics, radon, mold, Wi-Fi etc all add to ones toxic load and need to be addressed before you will eliminate or prevent dis-ease.I offer Healthy Home Environment inspections. If you are interested, please go to www.healthyhomeconsulting.ca for more information.

There is still availability for the Ultimate Health Recipe Retreat April 30-May 5

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

Most Probiotics Are DOA!

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Individuals who shop at Health Food Stores spend a lot of money on supplements, many of which are worthless because of their synthetic ingredients, decreased efficacy because of shipping or other factors.
For example, supplements that require refrigeration are not always shipped in refrigerated trucks…please view this short 2 minute video for the rest of the story…

There are many cleanse and detox programs on the market today and online programs, please view this very informative video (90 minutes) to see how you may change many health challenges thru a juice program. If you do not have a juicer, no worries. As long as you have a high powered blender as Vitamix or Blentec and a Nut Mylk bag (I sell them or you can p/u at a health Food store, make sure it is not synthetic material) you can make your own juices daily.
A simple Alkalizing Detox Drink to start your day :
Green Lemonade
3-4 stalks celery, cut into chunks
1-2 lemons with outer peel cut off
2 Granny Smith Apples
2-3 stalks kale with centre stalks removed
Add 1/2 cup water to blender, then, add all the ingredients except the kale and blend 10-15 seconds, now add the kale and continue until blended. Put thru nut mylk bag and enjoy!

If you would like to restore your energy, vitality, improve sleep, digestion and reduce bloating, please consider investing in yourself and be part of the Ultimate Health Recipe Retreat. More detailed information is available at this page under Retreat.

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

Is Your Red Engine Light On?

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

Your driving on the road and your engine light comes on! Panic! What do you do?  Drive ASAP to your favourite mechanic, call your partner? make an appointment at the dealership? Or, do you just ignore and hope the light will go off?

Often, we treat our body in the same manner, repeated symptoms of gas and indigestion, bloating, chronic pain, or sleeplessness day in and day out. Your body is tapping you on the shoulder and telling you that something internally is amiss. Do we ignore, live with it or take proactive action?

I am offering a tune up so to speak with my “Ultimate Recipe For Health” 5-Day Retreat where you will learn how to identify these triggers and take appropriate steps to eliminate the problem so you can:

  • improve digestion
  • sleep better
  • eliminate bloating
  • increase energy

These 5 days include:

  • Personal Health Assessment by a Wellness Professional
  • Food Prep Classes with easy recipes to take home
  • Detox  and Foot Baths
  • Reflexology session
  • Rain Drop technique Massage
  • How to assess toxins in your food and toiletries using Quantum Reflex Analysis and see if they are suitable for your environment
  • Heathy Water Systems for the home
  • How to identify home toxins
  • How to mange your emotions, forgiveness and mindfulness practices
  • And more

For early bird pricing, please visit www.stovelesscuisine.com

Research now shows  lifestyle habits, nutrition, environment and emotional managment are the culprits in most if not all dis-eases.

My new site related to this topic is www.HealthyHomeConsutling.ca

Please join me Tuesday evening for a free webinar as I address”Environmental Toxins in Your Home and Their Impact on Your Health”

To register, please go to:https://zoom.us/webinar/register/f9e25077408075d1d746f627e8486654

Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey

Is Your Home Sick?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Did you know that our homes today are more air tight than ever before thus making the indoor air quality more toxic than the out doors. We are bombarded by off gasses from new furniture, new flooring, new paint, Wifi, plastics, PCOC’s, flouride in our water, dry cleaning, scented candles, air fresheners and home cleaning products as Lysol, Javex or Mr.Clean. What is one to do? Become an educated consumer, learn to read labels and ID the good guys from the bad, minimize and eliminate the toxins that you can and use safe alternatives or you can attend my free webinar “Is Your House Sick?” Tuesday, February 21 at 8 PM

To register, please go to:https://zoom.us/webinar/register/f9e25077408075d1d746f627e8486654

JJVirgin has released a movie about The Power of Hope and a Miracle Mindset in the tragic story of her sons hit and run accident. I urge you to watch this beautiful, inspiring free viewing until Feb 17.http://miraclemindset.com/world-premiere/?Id=190247&Email=alexibracey@gmail.com&inf_contact_key=e83e1adfb18e5998bdd1faa7fac00cfa4da8036c93d32b378f3defe9214224d0

I will be hosting:

Recipe for Health Retreat  April 30-May 5, 2017

What if in 5 days you could:
  • sleep better
  •  improve digestion
  •  eliminate bloating
  • loose some weight
  • learn what body systems need improving
  • have more energy
Includes personal assessment with a Health Professional, cooking classes and recipes that promote healthy eating habits, detoxifying baths and other detox related modalities, instructions on stress management, suggestions to eliminate home toxins.Lots of sharing, learning and  laughter.
This is 5 days on-sight intimate retreat in a lovely  country setting near Caledon, Ontario limited to 8 attendees. More information to follow shortly.
Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!
Alexi Bracey


Is Your Health a priority?


Hello Fellow Health Seekers:        




We are overstimilated and often de-sensitized to all the health info available on the internet whether newsletters, social media, YouTube videos, blog postings and the like. May I suggest that you do some research, check with Snopes, go to other sites relevant to your topic and then decide if the information is worth applying or forwarding.




The same can be said about alternative health care providers; they are not all created equal. (neither are doctors, lawyers or teachers)


Shop around, get referrals, ask for referrals and explore their web sites. Do their core values and yours match? What are your core values? Do they address diet, supplements, healthy water, EMF toxicity and stress?




I am amazed at the number of individuals using the services of Naturopaths and Homeopaths to name a few who do not exercise the need for a regular body cleanse. All health and dis-ease starts in your gut (where your immune system sets up head quarters). However, all colon cleanses are not created equal, many are just added fiber and psyliium to increase bowel elimination. But does it really clean your colon and other internal organs of elimination? The Master Cleanse is a superficial cell cleanse, not your internal organs.




Dr. Partito has been a leading expert in the field of colon cleanses and has developed what I consider the best Colon Cleanse on the market, plus several other body cleanse related products. You can read up on his products at www.ejuva.com (I have a source for a more cost effective price if you are interested)


Below is an excerpt from an article Dr. Partito wrote on cleanses that can be found in my e-book, “Detox Is An Inside Job” available at my website.




“Please do not forget to cleanse those toxins. Toxins prevent communication between the healthiest of cells. The body stores toxins even if you are eating well. It is plain cheaper for the body to do so. Like water, the body too will always pick the path of least resistance. It will store no mater how well you eat. Not only that, but our filters are made for metabolic wastes created by our cells. Toxins are foreign to our filters and our filters do poorly at riding the body of these toxins.


All of our bodies are dong too much with too little; so storing is the cheapest way. You must force your body to cleanse; you must take out the trash. Do not believe in a $20 cleanse labeled bottle, it is merely a laxative. Do not believe in those that say you will be cleansed in 3, 7 or 10 days. Years of damage will not be corrected in that short period of time. Those that promote magnesium or oxygen as a cleanser are misleading you. That type of product provides moisture in the bowl so a constipated person can eliminate. That is not a cleanse, even though indicated on the label. Pooping does not equal cleansing! Enemas and colonics are cleaning the bowels, but not at a cellular level. Eating raw foods or drinking raw juices are not “real” cleanses either. I am talking about real “cleansing”, deep cleansing at a cellular level, the entire body as well as the colon. Toxins are not just store in the colon, but throughout the body as well. I am not talking about a 30-Day “enzymatically alive” Herbal Body Cleanse that does NOT use dead clay


(dirt with aluminum in it) that cannot even pass its intestinal walls as its carrier. Do 2 or 3 of these “real” body (Ejuva) cleanses. Do this for 3 or 4 years followed with annual “real” cleanse with live foods/juices and this will produce the blueprint quality.”


 May I suggest you do this exercise? Take out a piece of paper and draw a tree with a large centre trunk and with branches and leaves. Label the leaves fibro myalgia, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, colitis, Alzheimer’s, flu, eczema, rashes, insomnia and any other disease you can think of.  Draw a line indicating where the soil meets the trunk. At the root system, draw several roots and label them genetics, stress, supplements, diet, organic food, healthy water, EMF protection.

 What you feed your roots whether healthy diet, stress reduction techniques, supplements, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metal free water, EMF protection will determine which if any illness as indicated by the leaves you will experience. If you have a genetic family history of a certain disease, change your diet, and learn how to incorporate healthy lifestyle modalities.


 Supplements and homeopathic remedies alone may show some improvements, but you need to get to the core of your health concern.


When I work with clients, besides the intake forms, I stress the importance of a body cleanse to lay down a foundation of a clean immune system. Then I address diet, supplements, water, stress reduction techniques to balance your emotions (more effective than meditating) and lots more.


 Raw food is a small component of health. I do not suggest a 100% raw food lifestyle, (unless a serious health challenge for a period of time) but consuming more raw food on a daily basis, juicing and definitely more greens are a must.


 We are not one size fits all Barbie dolls. You may need more calcium, your friend, more magnesium and so on. Daily multivitamins categorize us as Barbies.


 My website has been a resource and education guide to improve, optimize and maintain good health.


 Perhaps you may not know, but I work one on one with individuals customizing healthy lifestyle protocol for them, offer 5 Day Detox programs and more importantly dealing with stress. If you have a new body every 7 years: that is new heart, liver, lungs, skin etc, how come the cancer is still there, or the fibro or colitis? Science is beginning to show the importance of dealing with stress. And it all starts with your heart, not your brain!


 Your heart sends 14,000 neuro transmitters to the brain, not vice versa. Your heart is part of a hormonal system secreting oxytoxin (the love hormone) and atrial peptides (which release cortisol).


So, if you want to minimize your stress, balance your heart emotions. This is the science of Heart Math which I am presently finishing up my training.



Here are some testimonials from some of my clients:


 Thank you, Alexi, for creating a space where I could slow down, breathe, and focus on what is truly important to me. That is a rare gift to receive, and your coaching skills and manner offered that gift. I left our session feeling empowered, supported and clear about how to powerfully move towards my goals. You are an excellent coach! Thank you again!

                      Jen Yost, Pennsylvania, US



Experiencing Alexi as a coach was like receiving a breath of fresh air!  I feel invigorated, excited, refreshed and ready to make my dreams reality.  I am confident I will be successful, and am happy to have Alexi on my team as my coach.  Deepest thanks, Alexi!  

                Celeste Ametrine, Asheville, NC


 We were involved in a 4.5 weeks weight loss/detox program with Ms. Bracey supervising and preparing raw food meals for us. We collectively reduced our weight by 85 pounds. We amazingly never felt hungry or were out of sorts with this significant food change. My energy and a healthier well-being were experienced by both my brother and I.


 My brother and I, without hesitation, recommend Alexi’s services for anyone seriously committee to improving their overall health, energy level and of course their life span.                           David Ciancone, Ancaster Old Mill                                                     


 My blood sugar went from 29.3 to 7 in one week with the Raw Food program Alexi recommended for me. Stick to it and stay stress free.                                                                            Nancy Campbell-Hubbard, Homeopath



Make next year your best year! If you are wanting more energy, restful sleep, improved digestion, weight loss or if you have a serious health concern that needs to be addressed (cancer or diabetes?) or maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Please consider my coaching and consulting services.


If you have a friend or family member with any of the above, I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation. 416-899-2774


 Mention this newsletter, and I will gift you $25 off the $175 consultation fee which includes intake forms, customized lifestyle program (with recipes), 90 minute  telephone consult and a 60 minute follow up in 30 days with email availability as needed.


 If not now, when would be a good time to improve your health? Please really consider this statement.


 Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!


 Alexi Bracey


$100 savings ends tomorrow

Dear Fellow Health Seekers:


The offer to save $100 ends tomorrow night unless you sign-up for my 6 Module “Detox Is an Inside Job” program prior to midnight August 20th.


If you did not get an opportunity to attend the Teleclass, here is the link to listen to the recorded call. http://attendthisevent.com/?eventid=44144760


If you go to http://www.stovelesscuisie.com/detox you can get more information of what is offered in each module. This is in-depth information packed 6 part series.

You will learn:


  • Which are the best cleanses and the importance of regular body cleanses
  • The importance of infrared saunas, Chi Machine and Detox Baths
  • Why fermented foods and sea vegetables should be part of your daily diet
  • What is the best food to start your day
  • Why it is crucial to have a water purification system in your home
  • The dangers of EMF’s and Smart Meters
  • How to create a safe toxin free home
  • How to identify GMO and other non healthy food items in your pantry and safe alternatives
  • How to put together your own personalized Detox Program
  • Plus a bonus call on Candiasis and Your Thyroid and other recordings
  • Lots of recipes, food demos and other valuable tips


If you have any health concerns; thyroid issues, poor digestion, no energy, inability to loose weight, poor sleep habits or if you are just “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, I urge you to invest in this 6 Module Program and take steps to improve your health today.


If you don’t do anything (and your body is already crying out to you with symptoms), what will be the state of your health in 2 or 6 or 12 months?


P.S. One of the items discussed in the 6 Module Detox Program is the harmful rays of EMF’s. This Tuesday, (August 19th) I have a very special guest speaker who will go into more detail about the dangers of WiFi, Smart Meters and much more.


To sign-up please go to:



Good health is a choice! So choose wisely!









5 Tips To Stay Healthy in a Toxic World-Complimentary Teleclass

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

If you suffer from fatigue, aches and pains, sleepless nights, poor digestion and bloating, inability to loose weight or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your body may be in toxic overload.

Toxins from the water, air, food, industrial run-offs and EMF’s all contribute to the pollution of our environment and add to your daily toxic load.


 Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and I overcame it by eliminating the toxins from my diet and home environment.


 I invite you to attend a complimentary teleconference on Tuesday, August 13, 9 PM ET (NewYork) as I share my 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World.


To register go to:


Click on Free Seminars and then sign-up


Hope to “see” you on the call.


 Please share with family and friends, it may change their life and give them hope and a different perspective.

To your continued good health!



August 2013, 5-Day Raw Food Detox Transformation

Hello Fellow Health Seekers:

The last 5-Day Detox was an amazing transformation for the individuals taking part. The upcoming will be better, with more detox modalities. Here is the relevant information. Please pass onto family and friends.

It is time to let go of the body toxins, the emotional toxins, and the         stress toxins on this 5-Day Raw Food Detox Transformation starting     Sunday Aug 18- Friday, Aug 23, 2013 at this beautiful secluded     “Natures Retreat” just north of Georgetown, Ontario.


Come unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate your body in this warm, intimate, personal space. Nestled on 34 acres of pristine property, with nature walks…connect to nature and the outdoors and more.


This 5-Day Program includes:


  • Pre and Post assessments and body composition analysis                   
  •   Gourmet raw organic meals on eating days
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots
  • A variety of herbal teas
  • High quality pro-biotic supplement
  • Bentonite Detox Baths
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Demo on making kefir, sauerkraut and sprouting
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • Raw Food Classes
  • Raindrop and Shiatsu massage
  • Workouts with a professional Fitness Trainer
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Far Infrared daily sauna
  • Use of the Chi Machine and FAR Infrared Dome
  • “Tips for the Journey” to take home
  • Personalized Assistance and guidance throughout the program


Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox  is:

$1897 plus HST

Save $300 if you book and pay in full by June 30th                                   $200 savings if booked and paid in full by July 15th                              $500 deposit upon booking, balance due July 15th                               Refund 30 days prior minus $300 handling fee                                             Less than 30 days, refund minus $600                           www.stovelesscuisine.com


The space is limited to 10 individuals, 2 sharing 2 bedrooms or 3 sharing 2 bedrooms. There is lots of space to get away and reflect.


“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”


                                          Dr Anne Wigmore

Goof health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey



Raw Cleanse Results and Fashionable Prostrate Removal Surgery


Hello Fellow Health Seekers:



I‘m thrilled to report that my 5-Day Raw Food Detox retreat was an amazing success! Dr Gellman did pre and post assessments measuring body fat and water compositions as well as Vedic testing and Iridology and the results clearly showed vast improvements in only 5 days of juicing and raw food. A host of other detox modalities implemented included: infrared sauna, detox baths, micro clustered healthy Kangen water to name a few. The next 5-Day Raw Food Detox Cleansing Program is scheduled for August; a date will be confirmed shortly. I know this will be completly booked, so if you are at all interested, please email me so I can put you on the priority list. Below is an article Dr Gellman wrote explaining the different tests and their significance and some stats from the participants.


 Results from 5 day Detox with Alexi Bracey


 I am constantly hearing women at the gym complaining that their weight has gone up. Don’t they realize muscle weighs more than fat!


 I wish regular scales would be outlawed. They discourage individuals who are working hard on their health and working out and eating well regularly.


I was invited to evaluate the participants pre the detox 5-day program.           Their particular details were checked for:


Weight, muscle, fat, Intercellular fluid, extra cellular fluid, over all healthy water.


They were evaluated on the last day of the detox program to see the results. They were absolutely amazed to see their weight loss, fat loss and they actually increased in muscle mass!


To understand intercellular and extracellular fluid:                                Extracellular fluid measures water retention (more common to women than men) You may be slim but still feel puffed.


Intercellular fluid is the healthy fluid. Your intracellular fluid should be 40% (btw, that’s the fluids that are contained by cell membranes, ie, your muscles, adipose tissue, platelets, blood cells, etc). Your extracellular fluid should be 20%. That’s the plasma that everything else floats around in. If your EF level is high, that means you’re retaining fluid, and it might be that your kidney’s aren’t functioning optimally for some reason (could be infection, hormonal, salt, or meds).


To protect the confidentially of the participants we are only reporting the final number when all the results for each category are added and averaged out.



Total body weight for the group was a loss of 4.24 pounds


 Body fat went down for the group by 2.2 %


 Healthy water went up 2.2 %


 Muscle went up 3 pounds per person


 Extra cellular fluid improved by 9%


Intracellular fluid improved by 16%


Lets us look at why?


The detox cleanse consisted of 2 days of juicing followed by 3 days of raw foods to reintegrate food back which allowed the body to rid itself of accumulated waste in the small and large intestine. The liver and kidney got a break and cleansed.


 All this cleansing further cleansed the lymphatic system.


They were removed from their busy lives so allowed the body to relax and go to that great place know as parasympathetic nervous system (Daily use of the Chi Machine helped here). Our digestive system only works when we rest, relax and digest.


The particiapnats stayed in a beautiful home in the woods,(very serene) breathed in fresh air, saw the stars at night, and experienced a  healing massage on the outside private deck.  


Visually: clear eyes, radiant and glowing complexions, no aches or pains, better sleep and a more relaxed attitude, and most importantly set goals on how to maintain a new and better health lifestyle.(and they are still following the suggested protocol)


Dr Gellman can be reached for consultations at 416-4564357 or visit www.alexgellman.com


I have to comment on Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. I was going to write a tongue and cheek article “Looking for a MD who will Remove a Man’s Testicles as a Preventative Measure against Cancer” Guess what? There is at least one male who has done this, see the article below. Angelina Jolie has been duped my Big Paharma. If you carry the gene for ovarian or breast cancer, you can implement a Nutritional and Wellness Program (which Angelina failed to mention) to minimize and probably eliminate your chances of contracting cancer. So, Angelina has selected a double mastectomy as a preventative measure eating the same way as before, Do you not think that another form of cancer will find its way into her body. Hello out there!!!



 In This Issue:


1) Arguments For A Meatless Diet


2) Toxic Women’s Hygiene Products


3) Is It Fashionable to Remove a Healthy Prostrate Organ?


4)  So What’s Important About Magnesium?




1) Arguments For A Meatless Diet, Courtesy. www.life-enthusiast.com


Most common cause of death in the US: Heart disease


How frequently a heart attack strikes in the US: Every 25 seconds


How frequently a heart attack kills in the US: Every 45 seconds


Risk of death from heart attack for average American man: 50%


Risk of death from heart attack for the average American man who consumes no meat: 15%


Risk of death from heart attack for the average American man who consumes no meat, dairy, or eggs: 4%


Rise in blood cholesterol from consuming 1 egg per day: 12%


Rise in heart attack risk from 12% rise in blood cholesterol: 24%


Average cholesterol level of people eating a meat centered diet: 210 mg/dl


Chance of dying from heart disease if you are a male and your blood cholesterol is 210 mg/dl: 50%


Dietary cholesterol intake needed to support human health: None- body makes its own


Leading sources of saturated fat and cholesterol in American diet: meat, poultry, dairy


Amount of cholesterol in an average egg: 275 mg


Amount of cholesterol in chicken: The same as beef- 25mg/oz


Cholesterol found in all grains, legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts, or seed: None


Chance of dying from heart disease if you do not consume cholesterol: 4%


Amount spent annually in US to treat cancer: $70 billion


Amount of all cancers in the US that are diet related: 40%


Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week: 2.8 times higher


Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat butter and cheese 2-4 times a week compared to once a week: 3.2 times higher


Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat meat daily compared to less than once a week: 3.8 times higher


Increased risk of fatal prostate cancer for men who consume meats, dairy, and eggs daily as compared to sparingly: 3.6 times higher


Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who eat meat eggs three or more days a week compared to less than once a week: 3 times higher


Recommendations of the amount of daily calories to be provided for by protein according to:


World Health Organization: 4.5%
Food and Nutrition Board of the USDA: 6%
National Research Council: 8%


Percent of calories as protein in: (MIcroalgae as Spirulina or Chlorella are up to 60% protein)


Spinach: 49%
Broccoli: 47%
Mushrooms: 38%
Lettuce: 34%
Zucchini: 28%
Tomatoes: 18%
Peanuts: 18%
Wheat: 17%
Onions: 16%
Oatmeal: 16%
Walnuts: 13%
Potatoes: 11%
Brown Rice: 8%


Period of most rapid human growth: Infancy


Natural food for human infants: Mother’s breast milk


Amount of total calories provided by protein in human milk: 5%


Diseases linked to excess animal protein consumption: Osteoporosis and kidney disease


Number of cases of osteoporosis and kidney disease in the US: Tens of millions


The average measurable bone loss of female meat eaters at age 65: 35%


The average measurable bone loss of female vegetarians at age 65: 18%


Documented cases of calcium deficiency caused by an insufficient amount of calcium in the human diet: None


Natural food for any baby mammal: Mother’s breast milk


The only mammal that consumes the milk of another species after being weaned: Humans


One of the enzymes necessary for digestion of cow’s milk: Lactase


People who are naturally lactose intolerant: 20% of Caucasians and up to 90% of people of African and Asian descent


Major source of pesticide residues in the western diet: Meat, poultry, dairy


Food most likely to cause cancer from herbicide residue: Beef


Number of slaughtered animals tested for toxic chemical residues: One in every 250,000


Amount of US non-vegetarian mother’s milk with significant levels of DDT: 99%


Amount of US vegetarian mother’s milk with significant levels of DDT: 8%


Amount of total antibiotics used in the US that are fed to livestock: 55%


Staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin in 1960: 13%


Staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin in 1988: 91%


Amount of US livestock and poultry receiving drugs during their lifetimes: 80%


Amount of FDA inspections that failed to verify the data on the safety of new drugs used on animals according to the GAO: 54%


Substances found in 63% to 86% of milk samples in 1991: Sulfa drugs, tetracyclines, other antibiotics


Amount of all inspected chickens with salmonella: 1/3


Amount of federal poultry inspectors who said they would not eat chicken: 75%


2) Toxic Women’s Hygiene Products




3) Fashionable Prostrate Removal Surgery




4) What’s So Important About Magnesium?


It Enables REgeneration to Exceed DEgeneration

(I have used this companies products including the magnesium oil for years. I highly recommend them)

Magnesium is the most under-appreciated mineral your body requires for cellular health. It soothes your nervous system (providing deeper rest). It fires up the repair, rest and digest side of your nervous system, allowing you to sleep well and stay calm, and avoid anxiety, restless legs, muscle cramps, and twitches.

And is essential for the production of amino acids that are critical for virtually every chemical reaction in your body.

Restore vital magnesium and you enable cellular regeneration to exceed degeneration.

Why Supplement Magnesium?

There is a documented epidemic of magnesium deficiency in America, and yet the medical industry is trying to deal with it using drugs instead of effective supplements.

Because the food that is grown on our depleted soils no longer contains enough magnesium to sustain you in a healthy state.

Our soils have been seriously depleted of magnesium, and industrial agriculture practices are making things worse. Many diseases are related to magnesium deficiency.

How do you know there is an epidemic of magnesium deficiency taking place?
Let me list some of the symptoms:


  • road rage (instability, quick to anger)
  • restless leg syndrome (twitchy nervous behaviors)
  • high blood pressure
  • arthritis
  • diabetes
  • tooth cavities
  • sleep disorders
  • cramps
  • migraines
  • panic attacks
  • depression


Have you seen any of this around you lately?

When you restore vital magnesium to your body, you enable cellular regeneration to exceed degeneration. That means you can reverse the symptoms, even if they are labeled “there is no cure for… ”

Eating Magnesium Supplements Does Not Work

Advertisements about oral magnesium supplements may lead you to believe that regular oral supplementation will fix a magnesium deficiency. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Taking oral magnesium supplements only causes a bowel flush – your body cannot absorb it, nor pass it into your cells.

And food sources have inadequate magnesium because our soils – therefore our foods too – have been seriously depleted of this mineral by industrial farming practices. Our food today contains only about 30% of the minerals it did 100 years ago.  

Best Way to Absorb Magnesium… Through Your Skin!

Effective absorption of magnesium can be done through your skin – your body’s largest organ.

Bathing in Magnesium Crystals is a relaxing, convenient and cost effective way to restore your magnesium.

And a foot bath is just as effective. Both ways are relaxing and rejuvenating.

Prove it to yourself – use Magnesium Bath Crystals for just two weeks, time enough to show how much this simple mineral can improve your life.

Absorb vital magnesium into your cells and experience living well again.

Magnesium Crystals are the concentrated the form of magnesium that is the keystone of cellular regeneration. We call it the “Fountain of Youth”. Only 1/4 cup in your bath every day.

Magnesium with Energized Water…
For Even Better Absorption

If you’d like more concentrated effects, try Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Oil.
They’re delivered through your skin with Energized Water.

Both Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Oil use Energized Water to deliver magnesium through your skin and into your cells – for immediate absorption. An excellent means for your body to absorb critically needed magnesium and essential moisture, for cellular regeneration.

You can reverse aging by stimulating regeneration!

Apply either Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel onto any area of concern, as often as desired, to enhance your well-being.

Magnesium Oil is also a magnificent dental aid.
It can whiten your smile by rebuilding the mineral levels in your teeth.

Let me share some comments from users of Magnesium Oil:

“The magnesium is the best thing that has happened to me. I take daily baths and come out feeling like a million dollars. It melts the tension away better than any product I have ever used. I completely submerge myself in the bath allowing my hair to soak in it as well. The color is changing, the slight graying is disappearing. Although not for everyone, while submerged I do some meditation. While under water you block out the world and the magnesium relaxes you and puts you in a perfect state of balance and peace. If you could bottle this state of euphoria you could make a million dollars. Enjoy!!”
~ Victoria

“I have been seeing my cardiologist for 6 years due to long standing heart problems. He has been trying to get my blood pressure and cholesterol down. My blood pressure would often shoot up suddenly and I would get chills and shake all over. After little over two months with Magnesium Oil the erratic blood pressure and the chills have decreased dramatically. Another major change is that the scratchy eyes that tormented me due to deposits of a heart medicine have cleared up.”

“My blood pressure was normal. My cholesterol was remarkable, as the doctor put it. At the end of his examination, he said, “You obviously look much healthier, but you also appear younger.”
~ Lynn

The Magnesium to Calcium Ratio

The ratio between magnesium and calcium is very important, when dealing with the cause and prevention of a number of disorders, including cardiovascular health, heart disease and high blood pressure.

The absorption and metabolism of magnesium depends upon calcium intake, and vice versa. Therefore, the balance between these two minerals is especially important. In view of the overwhelming benefits of magnesium, the traditional ratio of approximately 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium needs to be revised. The ideal ratio for most people’s needs is equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. If calcium consumption is high, then magnesium intake also needs to be high.

The Problem for Milk Drinkers…
Since calcium and magnesium depend on each other to be assimilated into your body, they should never be taken imbalanced. Milk has a ratio of about 8 calcium to 1 magnesium, causing a problem for milk drinkers. The high calcium intake can cause a magnesium deficiency, creating ill health.

Magnesium regulates the entrance and utilization of calcium in the cells. Without magnesium, calcium remains in the body unused. This will result in calcium deposits in the joints (aggravating arthritis), gallstones, kidney stones, and in extreme cases calcification of the brain and other body organs. This, in turn, results in loss of memory and loss of ability to reason and eventually the termination of life. All of these conditions have frequently been known to disappear after taking extra magnesium.

Again, magnesium and calcium must be in the correct proportions, otherwise the calcium becomes a pollutant in your body. The rule is “never take calcium without magnesium”.

Calcium depends on magnesium for assimilation, but magnesium does not require calcium in order to function. In fact, in many cases, magnesium taken on its own without any calcium will help you become more energetic, stronger, and give you a multitude of other benefits, all as a result of the magnesium being present to balance the overabundance of calcium.

Effects of Magnesium Deficiency

Eighty percent – or more – of our population is deficient in magnesium, including many who take supplements regularly.

Many debilitating and life threatening diseases are associated with magnesium deficiencies: heart problems, strokes, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, asthma, premenstrual syndrome, attention deficit disorder, anorexia & bulimia, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome, depression – and this is not the complete list!

To prevent the risk of short term health problems, your body will draw both calcium and magnesium out of storage from your bones, to maintain the acid-alkaline balance in your bodily fluids. To restore your bones, you must alkalize your pH and provide an abundant supply of magnesium – in an effective form… like our Magnesium Bath Crystals.

Check out all our wonderful Magnesium Products.

Here you can read Research Articles about Magnesium and its impact on your health. 


I am sorry that this Newsletter is so lengthy, I had so much information I wanted to share.


In the meantime, please share with your family and friends. I am available for private and group Raw Food classes, coaching and consultations.




To Your continued good health!


Alexi Bracey


Beetle Juice in Your Frappucino?

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Spring is the time to restore, optimize and revitalize you, your health, your diet, your home, your car and perhaps your friends. I hope you consider my 5 Day Raw Food Detox Retreat…there are a few spots still available. You will feel and look  energized when you leave, this I can promise you!


In this Issue:

1) Free Food Revolution Summit online

 2) Insect Juice in my Frappucino??

 3) Kindengardner kicked out of school for no vaccine?

 4) Coconut Oil Helps Alzheimers

 5) Eliminate toxins and stop poisoning your body


1) Don’t miss the John Robbins Food Revolution Summit! (Begins this Saturday…)

2) How Something Natural Can be so Gross(courtesy Alternative Daily and Fox News)

It is important to understand that just because natural flavors come from something natural, does not necessarily make them healthy. For instance, strawberry flavor does not always come from strawberries or blueberry flavor from blueberries. Cystine is a natural conditioner used in dough that is made from duck feathers and human hair. Maltodextrin, made from genetically-modified corn and the main ingredient in some “all-natural” sweeteners like stevia , is also considered natural.

What about natural flavoring that is made from the anal secretions of beavers? Castoreum is a substance found in the castor sacs of both male and female beavers. This aromatic liquid is mixed with urine and used  for territorial marking. It is also used by the food flavoring industry with regularity. In fact, an overwhelming majority of raspberry flavored foods are made from these secretions. Foods such as ice cream, fruity drinks, yogurt, candy and tea may contain these secretions which the FDA claim are completely safe. What about the glaze used on donuts and hard candy? This is made from the feces of the female lac bug – for real.

Mad Science

Both artificial and natural flavorings are concocted in a laboratory by blending a variety of ingredients together. According to Gary Reineccius, a food and science nutrition professor at the University of Minnesota, artificial flavorings are simpler, cheaper and easier to produce than natural flavorings, so foods that contain natural flavors are often more expensive. However, more expensive does not mean healthy or safe. Although they may make up less than 5% of the food ingredients, both artificial and natural flavorings are created to hijack the brain – to encourage us to want more and more and to become food “junkies”.

(Beetle Juice which contain the ground up shell, known as carmine or carminic acid is found in fruit juices (Ocean Spray-grapefruit and cranberry), gelatins, strawberry flavourings, candies, yogurts shampoos, clothing dyes and more. (Sarbucks Frappucino anyone???

Duck feathers are often packed into our favorite processed breads in the form of L-cysteine, an agent used as a dough softener.  It’s in bagels, cookie dough, bread, pies and more.
A lot of cheese is made with rennet, which contains an enzyme extracted from the fourth stomach of newborn calves. Rennet is used as a cheese curdler, sometimes in tandem with another enzyme called pepsin, which is extracted from stomach glands of hogs.  

 Minimize any man made foods, especially those with added colourings, and read your labels. Buy Foods with the Kosher label to be safe)

3) Kindengardner Kicked Out of School for Not Getting Vaccinated?


4) Coconut oil helps Alzheimer’s patients:

5) Eliminate toxins and stop poisoning your body.

The most common toxic inputs are:

  • refined foods (sugar, flour, table salt, oil

  • bad, rancid fats (fried food, margarine, hydrogenated oils)
  • stimulants (MSG, aspartame, food coloring, caffeine, nicotine, etc.)
  • electromagnetic chaos (electrosmog)
  • drugs (illegal, over the counter, prescription)
  • sleep deprivation
  • heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides

 In case you’re wondering…
Should you be completely cleansed before you introduce proper nourishment?
Only if you want to starve… you need to feed your body, and the sooner you start with good quality nutrients, the better.

To Sum It All Up…

The quality of your health is determined by the balance between your…
intake (and absorption) of nutrients AND elimination of toxins.

  You can learn how by:

LET IT GO! 5 Day Raw Food Detox Retreat   

  May 5-10, 2013

This 5 Day Program includes:

  •  Pre and Post assessment with Dr Gellman and body composition assessment
  • Pre-cleanse preparation guidelines
  • Green body care products (shampoo, conditioner and soap)
  • Gourmet raw organic meals on eating days
  • Organic fruit and vegetable smoothies on semi-fasting days
  • Fresh organic juices, including wheatgrass shots
  • A variety of herbal teas
  • High quality pro-biotic (acidophilus) supplements
  • Raw organic sauerkraut juice for colon cleanse and re-nourishment of the “good” bacteria
  • Health lectures and videos
  • Demo on making kefir, saurkraut and sprouting
  • Use of alkalized, micro-clustered Kangen water
  • 3 Raw Food Classes
  • Acupressure Massage
  • Relaxation Classes
  • Use of the Alkaline Energizer, FAR Infrared Dome, Amethyst Mat
  •  “Tips for the Journey” to take home
  • Assistance and guidance throughout the program

Your investment for this 5-Day Rejuvenating Detox Retreat: $1697 plus HRT
To register, please email alexi@stovelesscuisine.com


Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!

Alexi Bracey