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Too Many Trends For 2018

Hello fellow Health Seekers:

Since 2018 is no longer the age in information but the age of Knowledge, it seems that every new year we are overrun with much misleading information of the latest Food Trends, they may be trends, but not always healthy or healing ones, and I would like to address some of these “trends.” From the health gurus online to food magazines…please beware! Just to share some I have recently read:
1. Prebiotics are big! Kumbucha, Kimchi, Kefir, Kraut, Kvass! I totally agree we need prebiotics to lay the groundwork for probiotics to thrive in our gut. But, commercially prepared Kombucha is generally high in sugar content, please read label ingredients and quantities. FYI, most probiotics are DOA (dead on arrival) due to poor shipping and storage at health food stores. Please buy either a probiotic that does not need refrigeration or a fermented one (Vitabiosa) you can purchase on my web site.
2. Canned fish is hot! UGH!Fish is the most toxic flesh protein on the planet, not only heavy metals content but the latest research shows high levels of plastics. Stay away from anything canned in metal, more heavy metal toxicity. Research shows that canned sardines are okay, I have my doubts!
3. Mushrooms!!! NO! Unless they are medicinal as Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake or Lions Mane. All other mushrooms are a non-nutritional fungus.
4. Intermittent fasting. A BIG YES! It gives your body a break, many benefits I will address in a further article. You can fast one day a week, 3 days or longer! From 6 PM tonight until 6 PM tomorrow night would be a great idea!
5: Root to plant cooking! Using the leaves, the stalk, the peelings, nothing is wasted. Leaves in your smoothie, the stalk for a stir-fry, the peelings in your vegetable stock.
6. Weekly vegetarian/vegan meals. A great idea, not just for your health, but for the environment.

I am trying to marry this web site with my new one. If you care to visit www.wholehealthacademy.ca I am tech challenged so working on the “how to’s”

As I am part of a group of Visionaries and Thought Leaders, we are co-authoring a book due to come out in March 2018. In the meantime, you may listen to y interview on this podcast link.
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Good health is a choice, so choose wisely!