Testimonials for Alexi Bracey

We were involved in a 4.5 weeks weight loss/detox program with Ms. Bracey supervising and preparing raw food meals for us. We collectively reduced our weight by 65 pounds. We amazingly never felt hungry or were out of sorts with this significant food change. My energy and a healthier well-being were experienced by both my brother and I.

My brother and I, without hesitation, recommend Alexi’s services for anyone seriously committee to improving their overall health, energy level and of course their life span.
David Ciancone, Ancaster Old Mill

My blood sugar went from 29.3 to 7 in one week with the Raw Food program Alexi recommended for me. Stick to it and stay stress free.
Nancy Campbell-Hubbard, Homeopath

I really enjoyed the weekend. I learned so much.

One of the best things I did for myself was attend your Raw Foods Weekend Retreat. Though I have done some research on raw foods cooking, I hadn’t really got into it, and my sprouting efforts were not the most successful. I learned a lot and I am putting some of that into practice. And I do feel a lot better because of it.
Gail Penfold, Oakville, On

I learned about healthier ways to eat, that eating RAW doesn’t have to be boring. You should do these courses full time so the message can get out there. I enjoyed absolutely everything about the topics, and the FOOD!
Walter Jakowlew, Guelph, On

Alexi’s combines her knowledge of Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Detoxification, and RAW FOOD, to tailor a personal program for individual clients. Her Raw Food classes are packed with informative tips, and ways to improve your diet and lifestyle. Her personal health challenges, and previous experience working with Martha Stewart, and as a personal Chef to Will Smith, rate her high in regards to providing clients with exceptional roadmaps to overcome their current health challenges.
Rev. Irma Haggith, Mississauga, On

Alexi’s knowledge and experience in the health and Food industry is 2nd to none. I have nothing but the highest recommendation to her potential clients, as she can truly improve your health in many areas, by her ability to listen and diagnose some of the vital eating concerns, people have, working with her could truly be a life changing and positive experience.

Trust her suggestions for a healthier and happier you by important life changes in your food intake to be in good health by proper safe eating.
Steven Dineley, Shelbourne, On

Alexi is a bigger that life person, humbled by her own life experiences, she brings the best of what she has to everyone at her table. Candid with the bits of knowledge that she possesses and is still seeking I assume until the day she finds the answers to, and I am sure she will share them too when she does find the answers.

It was a real pleasure to meet and learn from her. I am inspired and enjoy the live demonstrations along with her personal connection as she speaks and quickly and individually answers your questions as boring as they may be to others around the table, without ever making one feel their comment or question was possibly irrelevant.

We live in a much too critical and fast paced society so it is very important to learn in an open safe environment, especially if the subject matter is soooo important as our health and our food – basically a total life style change for the better. This often means changing generations of eating habits and tastes for the children of future generations starting with ours. How would you like to be the first? Scary yaaah! But somebody has got to do it and we are the privileged ones.
Shaida Shirazi, Brampton, ON